Panasonic launches ‘Dream More, Celebrate More’ campaign in India with offers on home appliances

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  • Panasonic has unveiled the ‘Dream More, Celebrate More’ campaign in India
  • The campaign features offers such as cashback rewards, no-cost EMIs, discounts on extended warranty and more
  • The campaign begins today and will conclude on November 30, 2023

Panasonic has introduced the ‘Dream More, Celebrate More’ campaign in India, starting on October 16 and concluding on November 30, 2023. Throughout the campaign, customers can enjoy various offers, including 20% cashback rewards up to Rs 15,000, discounts on extended warranty and other offers on select home appliances such as TVs, ACsrefrigerators, washing machines and more. Continue reading to find out all the relevant details regarding the campaign and the deals offered. 

Panasonic Dream More, Celebrate More Campaign: Details and Offers

Panasonic Dream More Celebrate More Campaign

During the campaign, customers can avail offers such as 20% cashback rewards up to Rs 15,000, a 3-year warranty on select refrigerators and washing machines, 38% off on extended warranty on select home appliances and zero down payments on select products, up to 12 months No Cost EMI, special long-term tenure EMI among others at both exclusive and multi-brand outlets.

On purchase of Panasonic products amounting to Rs 7,500 and above, consumers can also avail of a Times Prime membership with annual benefits totalling up to Rs 60,000. These are the offers available in each of the product categories:


  • Customers can avail a complimentary 43-inch Google TV with the purchase of an OLED TV.
  • A warranty of 1+2 years is available for LED models of 32 inches and above.
  • Customers can avail a Zero Buy Down offer as a Navaratri special offering, for a limited duration.  
  • A special Long Term EMI scheme is available on select products.
  • A 20% Cashback option is available, with a maximum limit of Rs 15,000.


  • Installation is offered at a fixed rate of Rs 1,200 + GST.
  • Customers are eligible for up to 12.5% cashback, with a maximum limit of Rs 4,500.
  • A 10-year warranty is provided for the inverter compressor.
  • A 5-year warranty is applicable to the split ACs PCB.
  • The free ODU stand is applicable to both Split inverter and non-inverter and is valid across exclusive channels.


  • Customers can earn up to 17.5% cashback on select Prime Convertible, BK series, and specific SBS models.
  • There is also a special Long Tenure EMI scheme available for certain refrigerator models.
  • Customers can benefit from a 3-year warranty on BK Series refrigerators.
  • Buyers can avail of a 2-year warranty on Prime Convertible models. 
  • Customers can avail of fixed EMI offers starting from Rs 2,000.

Washing Machines:

  • Customers can avail of a 12-year warranty on the motor of select washing machine models.
  • Select washing machine models can be purchased with a 3-year comprehensive warranty.
  • Buyers can avail a 15% cashback offer, up to Rs 9,000, on specific models.

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Microwave Ovens:

  • Customers can receive up to 12.5% cashback, with a maximum limit of Rs 2,000 on microwave ovens.
  • Select microwave oven models can be availed with an additional 4-year warranty on top of the 1-year standard warranty.
  • Customers purchasing select models are eligible for a free start-up kit and Microwave Chef cookery classes.

Audio Devices:

  • Buyers can avail a combo discount of up to Rs 2,000 if purchased together with a Panasonic LED.
  • Audio devices are available for purchase with a 1-year warranty.

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