Sennheiser Ambeo Plus Soundbar Review: Great build quality, impressive sound output

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In today’s world of home entertainment, sound bars have become an essential component of any audio setup. Sennheiser recently launched its Ambeo Plus soundbar, and we have been using it for two weeks here is what we feel about the device.


Sennheiser is known for its premium build and design quality, and we see the same with its Ambeo Plus. From the moment you lay eyes on it, the soundbar exudes an aura of sophistication that’s immediately captivating. Its premium finish imparts a sleek and modern appearance and reflects the commitment to delivering a top-tier audio experience. The fabric wrapping around the front adds not just an element of style but also protection for the driver. 

Ambeo Plus Soundbar

The construction is solid and dependable, and the addition of rubber feet ensures that it stays firmly in place, minimising any vibrations that could otherwise disrupt your audio enjoyment. The top grill, besides being an integral part of the soundbar’s protective design, contributes to its visual appeal. Crafted with durability in mind, it keeps internal components safeguarded while maintaining a clean and elegant look.

Navigating the soundbar’s features is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive touch controls. These controls are not only responsive but also designed with user-friendliness in mind and allow us effortless control over volume, settings, and playback. 

Ambeo Soundbar controls

Connectivity options are a must for any modern-day soundbar, and this department too, Sennheiser, has packed its Ambeo Plus. It comes with an array of connectivity options, including Bluetooth, HDMI, and optical inputs, ensuring compatibility with a variety of devices and sources. Additionally, its dedicated subwoofer provides the flexibility to further enhance the audio experience by connecting a wired-powered subwoofer, allowing for a deeper and more resonant bass. It is a decently sized soundbar, which will gel well with any TV under a 55-inch TV.

Ambeo Plus soundbar connectivity options

Coming over to the sub-woofers, it boasts a set of distinctive features that enhance the performance of the soundbar and make it a standout component of your audio setup.

Sennheiser Ambeo Subwoofer

Unfortunately, the subwoofers are not included with this soundbar but the users do have the option to purchase them separately or buy a combo of soundbar with subwoofer. The subwoofer that you get as a combo with Ambeo Plus is undeniably big and chunky. This substantial size isn’t just for show; it reflects its impressive power and capability to deliver deep, room-filling bass. Whether we’re watching action-packed movies or listening to our favourite music, the sheer size of this subwoofer ensures that you feel every beat and rumble.

One of the clever design choices in this subwoofer is the placement of the power light at the back. This thoughtful feature ensures that when the subwoofer is in use, the power indicator does not disturb you in a dark room. It’s a small detail, but it demonstrates the manufacturer’s commitment to detailing and offering consumers a fulfilling experience. 

Ambeo Plus Soundbar Subwoofer

One of the most exciting features of this subwoofer is its up-firing design. This represents a departure from traditional subwoofers that fire sound forward or downward. With an up-firing subwoofer, the low-frequency sound is projected upwards. This innovative design not only adds a unique dimension to your audio experience but also helps create a more immersive and enveloping soundstage, particularly for low-frequency effects in movies and music.

Subwoofer design

Overall, the subwoofer is very well built and gels well with any TV unit.


The sound output performance of this soundbar is impressive. It offers a virtual surround sound experience, boasting a 5.1.2 configuration. Although Sennihser claims 7.1.4 capabilities, it’s important to note that true rear sound may not be as pronounced as expected. Nevertheless, what sets this soundbar apart is its exceptional sound balance, delivering audio that is finely tuned and pleasing to the ears. 

Ambeo Plus Soundbar

The companion app is convenient and straightforward. It simplifies the setup process, and it’s crucial to perform room calibration using the app for an optimal surround sound experience. For those fortunate enough to have Dolby Atmos content, this soundbar is nothing short of a dream, delivering an immersive auditory journey. However, it’s worth noting that the quality of your audio source matters; this soundbar truly shines with high-quality content, making Netflix, Prime Video, and Apple TV sound great, and elevating the experience even further with Blu-rays. In essence, while this soundbar may demand quality source material to truly excel, it’s a testament to its capabilities and a worthy investment for those seeking an extraordinary audio experience in their home entertainment setup.


Ambeo Plus Soundbar and Subwoofer

PB rating: 8.5/10

The Sennheiser Ambeo Plus soundbar undeniably stands as a fantastic premium audio solution that promises to elevate your home entertainment experience to new heights. Its standout features include an outstanding sound output, which, when paired with quality source material, delivers an immersive auditory journey. The meticulous build quality ensures durability, making it a reliable long-term investment for audio enthusiasts.

The design of a sound bar is not just about aesthetics but also about delivering a superior audio experience. The Sennheiser Ambeo Plus is a well-crafted soundbar that excels in its build quality, premium finish, user-friendly controls, and versatile connectivity options. 

However, it’s worth noting that this soundbar doesn’t come equipped with a display, which might be considered a drawback for those who prefer visual feedback. Nevertheless, this limitation is overshadowed by its exceptional audio performance and build quality.

To make the most of this soundbar, considering the addition of a subwoofer is advisable, as it can further enhance the already impressive bass capabilities. In terms of alternatives, the Sony HT-A7000, Sonos Arc (2nd Gen) and the Samsung Q990C are noteworthy options to consider, offering their own unique set of features and audio experiences.

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  • Solid build
  • Up-firing and side-firing drivers
  • Great audio output
  • Easy-to-use companion app
  • Plug-and-play setup
  • Modular design means you can buy the bar today and the subwoofer later


  • Is a dust magnet
  • Only HDMI 2.0 pass- thorough
  • Cannot control the bass, which is a bummer as bass can get quite boomy
  • No display

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