150+ Instagram Notes Ideas 2023: Best, Cool, Funny, Short, Motivational, Interactive Notes Ideas for Instagram

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If you are active on Instagram then you would know about Notes feature. There are times when you want to say something short and sweet but do not want to write long messages or essays. That’s where Notes come to help. Instagram Notes are 60-character messages which you can share with your audience. You can write short and sweet messages sharing your thoughts, feelings or mood. You can also decide on who can view your notes. Let us help you with a list of notes which you can just copy paste and show your funny, sassy, cool or interactive side to your audience. Enjoy the Notes feature but make sure to keep it clean and fun. 

Funny Instagram Notes Ideas

  1. Time to be goofy
  2. Share your best Dad joke🤣
  3. I’d rather walk to get food than walk on treadmill
  4. We’re not growing older, we’re getting wiser. 
  5. I make memories, not mistakes
  6. Time to go… for food
  7. Every day can be a Pizza Day, just buy them daily
  8. Don’t cry, instead fry that onion
  9. Friday is just 4 days away
  10. Still looking for my Instagram Notes?
  11. I’m stressed so eating desserts
  12. I sleep late these days… by 10pm
  13. I prefer my walks to my refrigerator 
  14. Who is making your day? For me it’s the earth
  15. Send me some smart advice please 🤣

Classy Instagram Notes Ideas

  1. Make your best investment today, that’s on YOU
  2. Be kind, everyone is fighting a silent battle
  3. Don’t forget to live for today
  4. Time to catch flights, not feelings
  5. I’m the best version of myself
  6. Life is a party
  7. Do I have to share my mind?
  8. Time to eat more badam as I keep forgetting things
  9. Let me remind you that you are unique
  10. If you are lost then remember that you are taking a scenic route
  11. I always make time for coffee
  12. I’m not sleeping, I’m doing yoga
  13. Flexing my humor here 
  14. I’m not lazy at all, I’m on power saving mode
  15. Keep slaying

Sassy Instagram Notes Ideas

  1. Time to turn ☹ to 😊
  2. I’m giving you those bombastic 👀 
  3. I scream, you scream, we all scream for 🍦 
  4. It’s 🌧 and I’m stuck in traffic
  5. It’s such a gloomy weather and I’m still under the rug
  6. The only way I can get through this day anymore is with more ☕ 
  7. Are we on a break?
  8. Are you waiting for a smart note?
  9. Wanna have Ramyun?
  10. Don’t look for a deep meaning note here
  11. Are you a chicken? Then don’t start your day screaming
  12. I can run a marathon for coffee
  13. No one can eat just one lays
  14. It’s a just bad day, not bad Life
  15. Anyone awake? Not ghost please 

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Inspirational Instagram Notes Ideas 

  1. Life goes on
  2. Don’t you worry child 
  3. Never give up
  4. Never rethink your decision
  5. Celebrate yourself
  6. Spring will come again
  7. Be unique
  8. Don’t forget to flex 
  9. You are beautiful inside out
  10. You are the main character of your life

Interactive Instagram Notes Ideas

  1. What’s for breakfast?
  2. What’s your deepest darkest desire? As if you will share here🤣🤣
  3. What are you currently watching?
  4. Which is your favorite sitcom?
  5. Who is your inspiration?
  6. Share your one life hack which changed your life?
  7. What is your favorite all-time sitcom to binge watch?
  8. Do you also have a hidden talent?
  9. Where do you wanna travel next?
  10. Have you coloured your hair?
  11. Should I get a new haircut?
  12. Which word describes you the best?
  13. Who is your favorite actor?
  14. Favorite ice cream flavor?
  15. Bar One or 5-Star?
  16. What’s your favorite cuisine?
  17. Chicken wings or chicken legs?
  18. Fish 🐟 or prawns 🍤 ?
  19. What’s your current hair color?
  20. What’s your dream destination?
  21. What’s your goal for the day?
  22. Should I come live?
  23. Which movie did you watch lately?
  24. Who is your 3AM friend?
  25. Wanna chat?
  26. Should I be active on notes?
  27. Any Netflix suggestions?
  28. Anyone else rewatching a show immediately after it ended?
  29. Who is behind you?
  30. Who is that cutie reading this?

Cool Instagram Notes Ideas 

  1. Always a slayer
  2. You are definitely coming back for more
  3. Spork is definitely a great invention
  4. Don’t talk to me, I haven’t had my coffee yet
  5. Don’t ‘Let it Go’, just sing it
  6. I can see you slide into my DM’s
  7. We have come a long way from scrap to notes
  8. I’d rather have notes in my wallet than on Instagram
  9. You got this, remember it’s a cakewalk
  10. Aim for the sky always

Short Instagram Notes Ideas

  1. Rain check on notes today
  2. Time to binge watch
  3. Lil under the weather today
  4. New adventure awaits
  5. Lost in k-dramaland
  6. Life happens, coffee helps
  7. Movie night
  8. Nobody has got time for this
  9. Just chillin 
  10. Feeling blah
  11. Feeling blue but no clue
  12. Don’t forget to shine with a smile
  13. It’s a date night
  14. Which superhero power would you wish you had?
  15. Time to call it a night 

Instagram Notes Ideas with Emoji

  1. I’m 💯 savage
  2. Enjoying some 🍕 
  3. Don’t forget the date, go eat one 🌴 now🤣
  4. Calling in 🤒 as my favourite show ended on a sad note
  5. Time to 💃 
  6. Don’t give 💜 a bad name
  7. Time to take out the 📸 
  8. Don’t be a 💡 
  9. Do you like Messi🤣🤣?
  10. You are stuck with me🤣

Motivational Instagram Notes Ideas 

  1. Time to make it happen
  2. Dream on
  3. Be kind to yourself 
  4. Walk your own path
  5. It’s darkest before dawn
  6. Shine like a diamond
  7. Embrace your uniqueness 
  8. Be strong to stand out
  9. You need courage to stand out from the crowd
  10. Believe that you are awesome
  11. I’m here to remind you that you are beautiful 
  12. Live your life with a purpose
  13. Time to be the best version of yourself
  14. You only have today, make the best out of it
  15. I’ll be your loudest cheerleader 

Best Instagram Notes Ideas

  1. Time to start a new k-drama
  2. Live wild and free
  3. Don’t forget to do some self love
  4. Ask me anything today
  5. I’m just reading other notes
  6. Throwback Thursday 
  7. Time for selfie sunday
  8. It’s Saturday night
  9. Off to dreamland
  10. Just a vibe
  11. Born to slay
  12. Just another day of the week
  13. Envy your beautiful eyes
  14. Time to show my madness
  15. Check out my new post now

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