Philips TAB 7007 2.1 Soundbar Review: Good value for money offering

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As OTT services continue to redefine our home entertainment experience, sound quality has become paramount. Soundbars, with their compact yet powerful designs, bridge the gap between built-in TV speakers and complex home theatre systems. Most LED TVs fail to provide a good sound system, and soundbars fill the gap with their simplicity, affordability, and ability to transform any room into a mini home theatre. Philips has recently introduced  Philips TAB 7007 2.1 soundbar, which is available for Rs 9,999. Here is what we think about this device.

DesignPhilips TAB7007 soundbar

The biggest differentiator in terms of design for the soundbar is its distinctive, triangular design. It comes with two tweeters and two drivers, which deliver impressive sound quality, but more on this later. On the overall, the soundbar has a compact form factor that ensures it won’t dominate your space, and the convenient physical buttons on top allow easy source and mode changes.Philips soundbar remote

However, the absence of a display is a drawback, and understanding the LED light combinations indicating sound modes can be a learning curve. On the upside, it offers a good number of connectivity options, including HDMI 1.4 (ARC port), Optical, Aux, and Bluetooth 5.3. 


Philips TAB 7007 2.1 soundbar indeed offers commendable performance within its affordable price range. It presents audio that’s notably clear and crisp, which may suit budget-conscious users quite well. Nevertheless, it falls short in the bass department, and for those who enjoy action movies, the lack of that thumping low-end presence might leave something to be desired. 

However, for users who prioritise clean and intelligible audio, this soundbar hits the mark. It’s essential to note that there’s minimal channel separation, meaning the spatial audio experience isn’t particularly immersive. Still, the sound output remains quite good, and it excels in rendering dialogues and vocals with a high level of clarity.

While maintaining budget constraints, it strikes a balance between design and performance, focusing on what truly matters – sound quality. It’s an option worth considering, especially when price is a significant factor. But for individuals who crave a more robust bass experience, alternative options like the JBL might be better suited to satisfy that need. Similarly, if HDMI ARC functionality is not a primary concern, the Samsung is an alternative to explore that can offer a different mix of features.


PB Rating: 8.5/10

The Philips TAB 7007 2.1 soundbar is a top-tier audio solution within the sub-Rs 10,000 price range. For those possessing a budget-friendly 43 or 50-inch television, which might otherwise deliver subpar sound quality, this soundbar presents an ideal remedy. Its compact design seamlessly integrates into any home entertainment setup, maintaining a low profile while maximising sound performance. The Philips TAB 7007 2.1 soundbar offers rich and immersive sound and brings an affordable solution to the forefront.

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  • Value for money
  • Good sound output


  • Lacks Bass

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