1923: Here’s all you need to know number of episodes, Season 2 and more

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If you’ve been following the Dutton family’s epic adventures in the Yellowstone prequel 1923, you’re in for a treat. But first things first! 1923 has officially been renewed for a second season on Paramount+. Yeah, you heard it right. Jacob and Cara Dutton will be seen once again for another ride through the wild west.

How many episodes are in 1923?

Much to our surprise, the first season is set to stream on Paramount+ shortly, but many wondered how many episodes are there and at what time will these be streaming. Talking about numbers, each season of 1923 has a total of eight episodes, and the next season, i.e., season 2 is said to be the grand finale, which will be wrapping things up. While the makers have not announced the official premiere date for Season 2 yet, the first season is set to release on Paramount+ on the following dates.

Episode Episode Title Air Date
Episode 1 1923 Sunday, December 18
Episode 2 Nature’s Empty Throne Sunday, January 1
Episode 3 The War Has Come Home Sunday, January 8
Episode 4 War and the Turquoise Tide Sunday, January 15
Episode 5 Ghost of Zebrina Sunday, January 22
Episode 6 One Ocean Closer to Destiny Sunday, January 29
Episode 7 The Rule of Five Hundred Sunday, February 5
Episode 8 Nothing Left to Lose Sunday, February 12

1923 Cast

Created by Taylor Sheridan, 1923 boasts an impressive ensemble cast including Helen Mirren, Harrison Ford, Brandon Sklenar, Julia Schlaepfer, Jerome Flynn, Darren Mann, Isabel May, Brian Geraghty, Aminah Nieves, Michelle Randolph, and Timothy Dalton. The series is narrated by Isabel May, and the music has been given by talented composers Brian Tyler and Breton Vivian. 1923 is jointly produced by 101 Studios, Linson Entertainment, Bosque Ranch Productions, and MTV Entertainment Studios.

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1923 Trailer

What is the story behind 1923?

Presented as an American Western drama TV series, the show is a prequel to the Paramount Network’s Yellowstone. Set in 1923, it delves into the challenges faced by the Dutton family, including Prohibition, drought, the early stages of the Great Depression, and the constant threat of cattle theft. Amidst these hardships, the Duttons grapple with conflicts with sheepherders and land developers, all while exploring themes of family, survival, and the enduring spirit of the American West. This series offers a compelling look at how historical events impact the Dutton family and their ranch.

Is season 2 of 1923 out yet?

This thrilling series rode off into the sunset earlier this year, leaving us itching to find out what’s next for our favorite Montana clan. Fans have taken to social media to find out what’s going to happen with the Duttons in Season 2. Sadly, the wait’s going to be a bit longer before we see Season 2 on our TV screens. While Season 1 is firmly rooted in 1923, it is not confirmed if Season 2 will get a name change to the following here; however, it is speculated that time keeps ticking. Spencer would embark on his long journey back to Montana, and we’ll see some more months pass by.

Now, here’s the backstory on this spin-off. Originally, it was titled 1932, but they did a quick pivot and changed the year. Season 2 is likely to unfold during the Prohibition era, right after World War I, and Montana is in a real pickle with an economic downturn. This takes us about 30 to 35 years before the birth of Kevin Costner’s character, John Dutton III, and about 40 years after the wild events of 1883.

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