John Wick: Chapter 5 release date, cast, and everything else we know

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John Wick has become one of the most beloved movie franchises around the world in a span of nearly a decade. The saga that began with a retired hitman seeking revenge against the men who killed his puppy has now almost become synonymous with the high-quality action movie genre. This is precisely why there is a lot of excitement around the upcoming entry in this series – John Wick: Chapter 5. While the titular character is famously played by Keanu Reeves.. (SPOILER ALERT!) presumably died after engaging in a duel to free himself from the High Table in John Wick: Chapter 4, we have received confirmation that this movie series has not concluded just yet. If you want to know the potential release date of the movie, cast, and more details, read on.

John Wick: Chapter 5 – Release timeline

Lionsgate Motion Picture Group Chair Joe Drake confirmed that the writing of the fifth movie in the John Wick series is officially underway. The work on the movie started back in May 2023 when the writer’s strike started, and the work was resumed as soon as this strike ended in September 2023. While the movie has been confirmed to be in development, we don’t have an official release date for the movie just yet. However, as the work on writing was not finished by September this year, it is safe to assume that we will have to wait for quite some time (possibly 2025) till the next chapter in the John Wick series hits theatres.

John Wick Chapter 4 OTT Release Date

John Wick Chapter 4

John Wick: Chapter 5 – Speculated cast

As there has been no official confirmation about the cast of the movie just yet, we can currently share only the speculated cast on the basis of the previous movies in the series.

– Keanu Reeves as John Wick
– Ian McShane as Winston
– Laurence Fishburne as Bowery King
– Ana de Armas as ballerina Rooney
– Donnie Yen as Caine
– Shamier Anderson as Tracker

John Wick: Chapter 5 – How will the story continue?

At the end of Chapter 4, John Wick seemingly succumbs to his injuries following the clash with Caine and asks Winston to take him home. Right after this, we are shown that Winston and the Bowery King are standing beside Wick’s grave, which is positioned right alongside his late wife. The key thing to note here is that we were never shown Wick’s dead body explicitly. The most plausible explanation in this scenario seems to be that Winston helped Wick in orchestrating his own demise, granting him freedom from the High Table. As there is ambiguity about Chapter 4’s ending, if the script for John Wick: Chapter 5 gets approved for production, there is a very good chance that we will learn that Wick faked his own demise. Interestingly, right now, the director and Reeves both have the option to either conclude the entire saga with an emotional ending in Chapter 4 or completely revive the series and give it a fresh direction as the series can now move away from the High Table. There is speculation that if Chapter 5 goes through, there can be multiple sequels in line, as the series can now take pretty much whatever direction it wants.

John Wick: Chapter 5 – Is there any leaked footage yet?

As the filming for the movie hasn’t begun yet, there is no leaked footage available for John Wick: Chapter 5 as of now. On the basis of the available information, the movie’s filming could begin in 2024, and we can even get to see its first glimpse in the form of an official trailer late next year or possibly in early 2025. Again, keep in mind that, as of now, we are only sure about the fact that the movie’s scriptwriting is underway. Whether the movie gets made or not will also depend on the green light from the production house, cast, and this process could completely fall apart at any point as well. However, as fans of John Wick, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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