Shrek 5 Release Date (Probable): Everything We Know So Far

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For more than ten years, moviegoers who have been ardent followers of the American fantasy comedy Shrek have anticipated the release of Shrek 5. The voice actor for Donkey, Eddie Murphy, stated in September 2016 that Shrek 5’s screenplay was finished, and the film was scheduled for release in 2019 or 2020. But the movie wasn’t released at that time. The film and its development have been in constant news, and according to some reports, the project is indeed a work in progress. It is slowly but steadily overcoming its development obstacles and inching nearer to the release or so we are being told.

For the fifth movie, rumors initially indicated that Cameron Diaz would not be the voice of the female lead protagonist, Princess Fiona. However, there has yet to be a confirmation of whether or not Cameron Diaz will be a part of the project. Despite the roadblocks, Shrek 5 might be the most thrilling instalment in the franchise following the triumph of the 2022 spin-off Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. Keep reading to learn more details.

Shrek 5: Is it still in the works?

There has yet to be an official release date for Shrek 5 because the production house, Dreamworks Animation, has been met with many issues. In an interview with Fox Business in February 2014, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Dreamworks Animation CEO, hinted that a fifth film could be in the pipeline. He said about the characters, “We like to let them have a little bit of time to rest.” Further confirming the existence of the fifth film, he added, “But I think you can be confident that we’ll have another chapter in the Shrek series. We’re not finished, and more importantly, neither is he.”

A few sources claim that Shrek 5 might be released sometime in 2024 or 2025, although there has yet to be an official confirmation. Given that the previous four Shrek movies are available on Amazon Prime Video on a rental basis and Apple TV on a subscription basis, Shrek 5 may be available on the same streamers after its theatrical release.

Movie Name Shrek 5
Release Date 2024 or 2025 (Probable)
OTT Platform Amazon Prime Video/Apple TV (Probable)
OTT Release Date To Be Announced
Executive Producer Chris Meledandri
Voice Cast To Be Announced
Recurring Voice Cast Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and Antonio Banderas (Probable)

Shrek 5: Latest news and updates

The film may go into production either in late 2023 or early 2024. Chris Meledandri disclosed to Variety in April 2023 that negotiations were ongoing for a fifth movie, with potential reunions from the original cast. A spin-off movie centered on Donkey, which was in early talks, was revealed by him simultaneously. Chris Meledandri is Shrek 5’s executive producer. Michael McCullers is the story writer. More details regarding the movie’s cast and crew are yet to come.

Shrek 5: Recurring Voice Cast (Probable)

The probable recurring voice cast of Shrek 5 includes:

  • Mike Myers for Shrek
  • Eddie Murphy for Donkey
  • Cameron Diaz for Princess Fiona
  • Antonio Banderas for Puss in Boots

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Shrek 5 Storyline

The storyline of Shrek 5 is currently under wraps. Despite the film’s mysterious narrative, some fascinating tidbits about Shrek 5 have surfaced. In March 2017, screenwriter Michael McCullers made hints about a “pretty big reinvention” of the franchise.


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