Stranger Things Monsters – A look at all the monsters in Stranger Things and Who is the scariest?

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In the wild world of Stranger Things, Hawkins has been a breeding ground for some seriously gnarly creatures. These monsters aren’t just your run-of-the-mill fright fest; they have got their own, unique flair, each one taking a stab at making our favorite characters’ lives a living rollercoaster of danger.

Get ready for the ultimate list now because we have unmasked the grand puppeteer behind the scenes, and it’s none other than Vecna pulling the strings. But hold on, just because Vecna’s the big boss doesn’t mean his monster squad takes a back seat. Let’s dive into this wild ranking of Hawkins’ nightmare fuel, from the slightly creepy to the downright bone-chilling. This is our way of getting ready for the last installment of the show, which is almost upon us. 



Dustin, buddy, we get it – they’re, like, kinda cute in a demonic-puppy way. But don’t let those puppy-dog eyes fool you; these demodogs are a real menace, especially when the Mind Flayer’s got the leash.

The Vines

Vines, right? Nature’s chill greenery? Not in Hawkins. These bad boys are like an aggressive gardening club, striking in unison and flexing some serious muscle. Fire and brute strength are their kryptonite, but they still make the list.


Cue the Metallica tribute and a nod to Eddie Munson’s sacrifice – demobats are the aerial assassins of the Stranger Things baddie crew. Forget about your garden-variety villains; these winged nightmares bring a whole new level of chaos to Hawkins.

The Spider Monster

Meaty, grotesque, and a mashup of rats and people we once knew – the Spider Monster isn’t your average bad hair day. Teaming up with Billy, it’s a gross weapon that marks the series taking a step into a darker, more adult realm.

The Mind Flayer

The big shot of seasons 2 and 3, the Mind Flayer isn’t just a creepy-crawly; it’s a shape-shifting, life-form-invading nightmare. Vecna’s prized weapon for wrecking the world above, this design masterpiece feels like it crawled straight out of a Lovecraftian fever dream. For us, this was the most menacing of the monsters that we have seen, and we are not talking just about his series. It sure gave us some sleepless nights. 

The Demogorgon

 Not the heavyweight, but it’s the OG. Pulled straight from Dungeons and Dragons, this humanoid nightmare with a faceless void is the trendsetter for Hawkins’ monster mash.


Drumroll, please. Taking the crown is Vecna, the master manipulator with powers that rival Eleven’s. This former human turned world-destroying force isn’t just a run-of-the-mill villain; he’s the endgame, the crescendo of chaos that Stranger Things has been building toward. Brace yourselves – the Hawkins rollercoaster is far from hitting the brakes.

I think it’s time to revisit Hawkins, Indiana where the unexpected vanishing of a young boy leads to the discovery of a girl with extraordinary powers, setting the stage for a series of enigmatic events in this small town.

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