Melissa Barrera Removed from Scream VII Amid Controversial Statements

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In a discreet departure, Melissa Barrera has separated from the cast of Scream VII, a decision verified by multiple sources speaking to One Take News. The catalyst for her exit was a series of statements made about the atrocities in Gaza amid the Israel-Hamas crisis, with one source characterizing these comments as contentious.

Mexican-born star Barrera shared on her Instagram Stories, “I too come from a colonized country. Palestine WILL be free. They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.” Another post expressed, “Gaza is currently being treated like a concentration camp. Cornering everyone together, with no where to go, no electricity, no water. People have learnt nothing from our histories. And just like our histories, people are still silently watching it all happen. THIS IS GENOCIDE & ETHNIC CLEANSING.” Barrera also asserted that there was “censorship” in “Western media” that did not accurately capture the atrocities on the Gaza Strip.

Melissa Barrera Noteworthy Roles and Controversies

Barrera, renowned for her portrayal of protagonist Sam Carpenter in the franchise’s last two films, had been slated to once again lead the seventh installment of the cherished slasher series. Her character, the illegitimate child of Billy Loomis, has been a recurrent target for Ghostface throughout the series.

Her exit adds a layer of complexity to the production, raising questions about the fate of the character Sam Carpenter. The script for Scream VII is reportedly undergoing a substantial overhaul, possibly even a complete rewrite. It remains uncertain whether the character will be recast or written out of the storyline.

New Developments in Scream VII

Scream VII has been in development for an extended period, now under the direction of Christopher Landon, who has taken over from the previous directing team, Radio Silence. The original directors, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, and Chad Villeva, are currently focusing their efforts on an upcoming Universal Monster film titled Dracula’s Daughter, in which Barrera was set to star. Although the directing team has shifted, they remain integral to Scream VII as producers, overseeing the project’s creative evolution.

The news of Barrera’s departure was first brought to light in an issue of Variety, shedding light on both the casting shift and the ongoing developments within the film’s production. The controversy surrounding her exit has ignited discussions not only about the immediate repercussions for Scream VII but also regarding the broader implications for the entertainment industry in addressing sensitive issues.

In addition to Melissa Barrera, Susan Sarandon has been terminated from her association with the United Talent Agency (UTA) due to her comments made during a pro-Palestine rally in New York City. The agency’s decision reflects its response to the remarks made by Sarandon at the event, resulting in the discontinuation of their professional relationship.

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