Jenna Ortega won’t be a part of Scream VII, here’s why?

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The echoes of Ghostface’s chilling call are set to reverberate once again in “Scream VII,” but not without a few unexpected plot twists both on and off-screen. In an unexpected turn of events, Jenna Ortega, known for her starring role in the previous two “Scream” movies, will no longer be part of the highly anticipated seventh installment. Reports suggest that the actress’s departure is not linked to the recent controversy surrounding the film, but rather a scheduling conflict with the second season of her Netflix series “Wednesday.” This development was apparently discussed months ago, well before the resolution of the recent actors’ strike, according to Deadline Hollywood, which first brought this news to light. As fans eagerly await the return of the Ghostface killer, Ortega’s absence adds a new layer of intrigue to the upcoming installment.

This is a double blow for the Scream franchise as just a few days earlier, actress Melissa Barrera was fired for her remarks regarding Israel-Gaza conflict. Melissa had even reshared one post that accused Israel of “genocide and ethnic cleansing. Both the things did not go down well with the makers, who decided to sack Melissa.

With so much happening, fans can’t help but wonder what will now happen for Scream VII

What’s Next for Scream VII? Is it still on the cards?

The current events have definitely altered the plans. As per reports, Jenna Ortega’s departure from the franchise, has prompted the creative team to rethink the script and introduce alterations to accommodate the absence of the beloved actress.

Variety in an exclusive report quoting insiders reveal that the creative minds behind the film had initially explored the possibility of convincing Ortega to make a cameo appearance, injecting a touch of continuity into the storyline. However, recent developments suggest that such hopes have been dashed, and Ortega’s return to the “Scream” universe is no longer on the horizon. Contrary voices from within the franchise insist that Ortega was never part of the considerations for the new film, adding an air of mystery to the ongoing developments.

James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick, the accomplished writers behind the penmanship of the previous two “Scream” installments, now face the daunting task of crafting a fresh narrative for the iconic horror series. While certain set pieces and twists from the initial concept may be retained, the departure of Ortega requires the introduction of new protagonists, adding an intriguing layer of suspense to the upcoming chapter.

The significance of Ortega’s exit is underscored by her integral role in the preceding two “Scream” movies, where she, alongside Melissa Barrera, fulfilled contractual obligations with the fifth and sixth installments. With the duo’s departure, the movie’s trajectory is poised for a shift, promising fans an unpredictable and thrilling experience.

Beyond the intricacies of the latest installment, the “Scream” franchise itself has carved a lasting legacy in the realm of horror cinema. From the groundbreaking original in 1996, directed by Wes Craven, to the subsequent sequels, the series has consistently redefined and revitalized the slasher genre. The iconic Ghostface mask and the trademark phone call are etched into pop culture, symbolizing the enduring impact of “Scream” on horror enthusiasts worldwide.

As James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick embark on the challenge of shaping a new chapter for “Scream VII,” fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding narrative, knowing that the essence of the franchise lies not only in the identity of the masked killer but in the unexpected twists that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

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