Lawmen: Bass Reeves Might Return for a Second Season: All details here

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While fans of Paramount Network’s Western drama Lawmen eagerly await news of a second season, actor David Oyelowo has hinted at a potential shift in focus. 

According to reports, while Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves remains a central figure, Oyelowo suggests that the narrative could explore new avenues in the second season. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Oyelowo stated that there are discussions about continuing the story but perhaps not in the way viewers might expect. This statement suggests the possibility of introducing a new historical character within the same Western setting, potentially stepping away from Reeves’ immediate story.

He further stated, “The idea, going forward, is to have other lawmen in history whose story should be told, who haven’t been told, to have the opportunity to tell those stories. I think there is a feeling, which I very much resonate with, that there is real potency and interest in telling stories of this nature about those who, for whatever reason, fell out of history unjustly. I’m a producer on those going forward; so, the idea is to keep the good work going.”

The series is an American Western television series created by Chad Feehan. The genre of western involves stories happening between 1849 (Gold Rush) and 1890 (when the frontier closed). They are similar to folk tales from the Wild West, especially the Southwest, but also parts of Mexico and Canada.

Is Season Two On The Cards?

This wouldn’t be unprecedented as Taylor Sheridan, creator of the interconnected Yellowstone universe, has shown a penchant for exploring different periods in Western history, especially with spin-offs like 1883 and 1923. While Lawmen initially seemed poised to join this universe, director Damian Marcano has clarified its independence.

However, Sheridan’s success with interconnected narratives might influence the future of Lawmen. The second season could potentially stay within the established fictional world, simply shifting the focus to a different historical figure. This wouldn’t necessarily diminish Bass Reeves’ importance; his legacy could still be acknowledged and woven into the broader narrative.

At the moment, details regarding the second season remain undisclosed. However, Oyelowo’s comments offer a glimpse into a potential new direction for Lawmen. Whether it delves deeper into Reeves’ era or embarks on a fresh historical path, the series’ commitment to authenticity and compelling storytelling promises to keep audiences engaged.

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