Netflix’s Spaceman teaser: Adam Sandler takes on solitary interstellar mission

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The first teaser trailer for Netflix’s sci-fi drama Spaceman, directed by Chernobyl Emmy winner Johan Renck, was released Tuesday morning. According to all indications, Sandler’s Spaceman will be more serious in tone than any of his previous Netflix films. The acclaimed basketball pic Hustle in 2022 had a bit of dramatic heft, but he is best known for his dramatic chops in the Safdie brothers’ A24 crime thriller Uncut Gems, for which he won an Independent Spirit Award, among other accolades, as well as the classic, Punch Drunk Love, by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Most recently, Sandler made Netflix history with his new animated film Leo, which premiered on November 21st. The comedy titles You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah and Murder Mystery 2 also found success on the platform earlier this year. The following is the teaser for the film Spaceman – have a look.

Even though there are not a lot of plot points that are revealed in the teaser, the setup holds a lot of promise. Moreover, in a post on a blog shared by Netflix, Renck said of Sandler, “I really wanted to have a performance from him that had nothing to do with the Adam Sandler we all know.”

Spaceman Release Date

As per reports, Netflix has announced that the movie will debut on March 1st, 2024. 

Spaceman Cast

The movie is based on Jaroslav Kalfa’s 2017 novel Spaceman of Bohemia, written by Colby Day. It’s executive produced by Ben Ormand, Johan Renck, and Barry Bernardi. Among the producers are Channing Tatum, Reid Carolin, Peter Kiernan, Michael Parets, Tim Headington, Lia Buman, and Max Silva. The cast members include, 

  • Carey Mulligan as Lenka
  • Adam Sandler as Jakub
  • Paul Dano (voice) as Hanus
  • Isabella Rossellini
  • Kunal Nayyar
  • Sinead Phelps
  • John Flanders as Gregor
  • Petr Papánek as Young Jakub

Spaceman Storyline

The film was adapted for the screen by Colby Day from the novel Spaceman of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfař, which was released in 2017. It follows Sandler’s astronaut Jakub as he realizes that the marriage he left behind might not be waiting for him when he returns to Earth six months into a solitary research mission to the edge of the solar system. To solve the problems with his wife, Lenka (Maestro’s Carey Mulligan), he discovers a mysterious creature hidden in his ship’s bowels that helps him. Featuring Paul Dano (Dumb Money) as Hanu, Jakub works together to figure out what went wrong.

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