Creature Commandos release date timeline officially confirmed

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Creature Commandos is a highly anticipated animated show coming soon from DC Studios. There’s no official release date mentioned so far but it’s expected to premiere next year. DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has now given us a hint on when we might actually get to see Creature Commandos. A release date is still in the pipeline but we do have a close idea about the release window for Creature Commandos.

Creature Commandos release timeline confirmed

The release timeline was revealed by Gunn in response to a question about it on Instagram Threads. The conversation began with Gunn sharing an article about the most anticipated comics of 2024. In the replies, he mentions Creature Commandos confirming that it will release in 2024. One user asks him if he means early or late 2024. Gunn simply replies “Later” suggesting that the release timeline for Creature Commandos will fall around late 2024.

This might not be the exact date confirmation but it does give us a good idea on the possible timeline. So if you’ve been waiting for the new DC Comics show, you will have to wait quite a bit.

Creature Commandos: what is it about

Creature Commandos is based on the DC Comics team of the same name. The animated series will be the first show in the new DC Universe, and the first installment of Chapter One: Gods and Monsters. Creature Commandos was created by J.M. DeMatteis and Pat Broderick, and first appeared in Weird War Tales #93 in 1980.

The Creature Commandos are basically a special military unit that includes a group of supernatural beings. These Commandos are used as a covert team in World War II, and are controlled by Project M. There are seven members in Creature Commandos — Rick Flag Sr., Nina Mazursky, Dr. Phosphorus, Frankenstein’s Monster, G. I. Robot, Weasel, and The Bride.

The TV adaption of Creature Commandos is produced by DC Studios, and created and written by Gunn. Executive producers of the show include Gunn, Peter Safran, and Sam Register. Lisa Hallbauer, Kip Brown and Karina Benesh are serving as producers.

The show is confirmed to release on Max with the first season consisting of seven episodes. More details on Creature Commandos should be revealed soon.

Creature Commandos cast

The Creature Commandos cast lineup has already been revealed. In the animated show, Frank Grillo will play the role of Rick Flag Sr., Indira Varma will take the role of Bride of Frankenstein, while David Harbour takes the role of Eric Frankenstein. Princess Ilana Rostovic will be played by Maria Bakalova, Doctor Phosphorus by Alan Tudyk, and Nina Mazursky by  Zoë Chao. Creature Commandos will also feature Sean Gunn as G.I. Robot/Weasel, Steve Agee as John Economos and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller.

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