Netflix Will Not Renew In From The Cold for Season 2

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The action-thriller series In From The Cold left audiences on a cliffhanger when it premiered in 2022. Following a tweet suggesting cancellation earlier this year, What’s on Netflix has learned that the show isn’t returning for a second season. Here are the details you need to know.

The first season of In From The Cold premiered on Netflix on January 28th, 2022. In the series, a divorced mother and ex-Russian spy living secretly in the United States is forced to relive her old life when the CIA learns her true identity. During its first 16 days on Netflix, the show was watched for 85.83 million hours.

Adam Glass, known for titles like Supernatural and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, created In From The Cold’s first season, combining classic action thriller elements with superpowers. According to Glass, three seasons were originally planned for Netflix. In response to the season’s cliffhanger ending, he said, “Obviously, the end-of-the-season reveal leaves many questions open, and I think you should deal with them all.”

Netflix’s In From The Cold: How Did It Do?

Netflix’s Top 10 data shows that the show was viewed 85.83 million times in its first 16 days. Due to its release date of January 28th, it was only eligible for two days in the first week listed below.

From February 14th to February 20th, the show did not make the top 10, meaning it only garnered 11.04M hours watched. The drop in week 3 was an early indication that viewership was dropping and given the show’s hours weren’t particularly high, it suggested the show wasn’t finding a lot of appeal.

There were 14 days in the TV top 10s and 12 days in Netflix’s overall top 10 for the show in the United States. For most regions, it stayed in the top 10 for about a week or two before dropping out. According to data by Nielsen, the top 10 between January 24th and January 30th (In From The Cold qualified for two days) ranked number 7 in the Original category with 349 million minutes (5.18 million) recorded. This points to the fact that US viewing comprised 20% of the overall viewing for those first two days. 

In From The Cold Cast Members

The Netflix series In from the Cold has Margarita Levieva as Jenny, a mom who used to be a spy, and Cillian O’Sullivan as Chauncey, a mysterious guy from Jenny’s past. Other important actors include Lydia Fleming as Jenny’s daughter Becca, and Charles Brice as Jenny’s ex-husband. For the fans, this is a disappointing development, especially since many unanswered questions remain regarding the storyline.

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