Get to know Barack Obama’s Favourite Movies Here

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Barack Obama might not be the President anymore, but he is a cinephile! The former President has released a list of his favorite movies that he enjoyed this year. He revealed the list in a post on X (former Twitter) just before we step into 2024. 

Even though Obama has stated that his choices are a little partial, all of these movies have been received well by the critics with the trio scoring between 76% and 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Meanwhile, this list also includes movies that can be perceived as surprising – especially when you consider the variety of his choices. 

Obama’s Best Movies List 

1) Oppenheimer

The first choice on the list is, Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer. The movie depicts the creation of the atomic bomb, resonating with historical significance, while others offer captivating explorations of human complexities. Although the creation of the atomic bomb is in focus throughout the movie, the movie narrates its story with the help of the security clearance trial that Oppenheimer had to go through – and that makes it an interesting watch, albeit personal.

2) American Fiction

The second movie on the list is American Fiction, a literary satire that aligns with Obama’s known interest in the written word. Beyond these familiar themes, the list veers into international territory.

3) Anatomy of a Fall

The third movie is Anatomy of a Fall, a French courtroom drama that invites viewers to unravel the truth.

4) Monster

There is also the Japanese film Monster delves into a mother’s anxieties about her child’s unexpected transformations. The movie had earlier premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

5) Past Lives

Meanwhile, the list also mentions the intimate narrative of Past Lives that traces the evolving relationship of a couple over 24 years.

6) Polite Society

On the list is Polite Society which showcases an East Indian martial artist fighting for her sister’s autonomy against the constraints of an arranged marriage.

7) A Thousand and One

The final movie is the poignant A Thousand and One which captures the struggles of a mother rebuilding her life and raising her child after leaving prison.

Accompanying the list is Obama’s statement, both praising the artistic efforts of 2023 and acknowledging the triumphs of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes in securing improved working conditions for creators. With this eclectic selection, Obama caters not only to his preferences but also to the varied tastes of cinephiles eager to discover hidden gems and broaden their cinematic horizons.

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