Mickey 17 release date pulled by Warner Bros: Here’s what we know so far

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It looks like we’re going to have to wait longer for Bong Joon Ho’s highly anticipated sci-fi movie ‘Mickey 17’. Earlier scheduled to release in theatres on March 29th, 2024, Warner Bros. has now removed the release date officially. A new release date hasn’t been revealed yet, but we’re expecting the movie to hit theatres soon enough.

There’s no official explanation behind pulling the release date for Mickey 17, but the reason behind this is to give more time to finish the project, according to a report by Variety.  Mickey 17, like other series and movies, had been affected due to the writers’ strike and other production issues. So the project possibly hasn’t reached completion as expected.

Mickey 17 plot

As mentioned above, Mickey 17 is a sci-fi movie about a disposable employee on a human expedition who is sent to colonise the ice planet ‘Niflheim’. The interesting part here is that this person can regenerate completely with most of his memories still intact. The movie has been adapted from a novel by Edward Ashton, released in 2022. It’s said to be a high-concept cerebral thriller similar to The Martian and Dark Matter, according to the book’s publisher St. Martin Press.

Mickey 17 teaser

The first teaser trailer for Mickey 17 was released in December 2022, and it sadly didn’t reveal much. It simply showed us Robert Pattinson waking up in a chamber, possibly suggesting how he’s experimented on and made clones of. There’s no other detail about the movie in the very short teaser. No other trailer has been released so far of Mickey 17. So we’re yet to see a fully-fledged trailer for Mickey 17, but we’re hoping to see a proper one this year.

Mickey 17 cast

Mickey 17 stars Robert Pattinson in the lead role as Mickey Barnes, Toni Collette as Gwen Johansen, Steven Yeun as Berto, Mark Ruffalo as Hieronymous Marshall, and Naomi Ackie as Nasha Adjaya. The movie also features Chelsea Li, Holliday Grainger, Daniel Henshall, Stuart Whelan, Samuel Woodhams, Johnny Li Gotti, Valerie Hazan and more.

The person behind Mickey 17 is Bong Joon Ho, who rose to fame for Parasite, the South Korean black comedy thriller. But people who have been familiar with the Korean movie scene would be well aware of his previous works including Okja, Memories of Murder, Mother, The Host, and Snowpiercer.

Bong is not only writing and directing Mickey 17 but producing it as well through his company Offscreen. Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, and Dooho Choi are serving as additional producers.

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