Will Smith upcoming movies: Bad Boys 4, I am Legend 2, and more

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Will Smith, a powerhouse in Hollywood, has continually showcased his exceptional talent and versatility on the silver screen. With an illustrious career spanning decades, Smith’s upcoming movie projects have sparked immense anticipation among audiences and critics alike, further cementing his status as an actor who consistently delivers memorable performances. Renowned for his charismatic presence and ability to effortlessly embody diverse roles, Smith has captured hearts through his unparalleled range—from action-packed blockbusters to emotionally charged dramas and compelling character-driven narratives. His recent cinematic endeavors, including standout performances in films like ‘Aladdin’, ‘Gemini Man’, and ‘Bad Boys for Life’, have not only resonated with audiences but have also soared to remarkable success at the box office.

As audiences eagerly anticipate his upcoming projects, the anticipation is not merely about the films themselves but also the promise of witnessing yet another masterclass in acting from the ever-versatile and immensely talented Will Smith. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the list of Will Smith’s upcoming movies.

Bad Boys 4

‘Bad Boys 4’ marks the electrifying return of the iconic duo, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, reprising their roles as Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, continuing the adrenaline-fueled legacy of the beloved ‘Bad Boys’ series. Directed by the dynamic duo of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, this installment promises to propel audiences into a high-octane, action-packed cinematic ride, packed with the signature blend of comedy, camaraderie, and thrilling crime-solving escapades that fans have come to cherish. While specific plot details remain shrouded in secrecy, the hallmark of the ‘Bad Boys’ franchise lies in its compelling combination of pulse-pounding action and the magnetic chemistry between its lead actors. The series has consistently delivered a potent mix of explosive sequences and witty banter, serving as a testament to the undeniable charm and camaraderie shared by Smith and Lawrence’s characters.

As the narrative unfolds under the pens of writers Chris Bremner and George Gallo, audiences can anticipate the return to Miami’s bustling streets, where Mike and Marcus navigate a world of danger, deceit, and unrelenting crime. With their distinct personalities and complementary styles, the duo’s camaraderie and sharp wit are poised to once again steal the spotlight, providing an exhilarating thrill ride that audiences have come to expect from the franchise.

What sets the ‘Bad Boys’ series apart is its ability to infuse heart-pounding action sequences with moments of genuine humor and heartfelt camaraderie. The chemistry between Smith and Lawrence remains the beating heart of the franchise, promising audiences an explosive combination of gripping storytelling, dynamic performances, and the undeniably magnetic presence of two detectives who redefine what it means to be ‘Bad Boys’. As anticipation builds for this highly awaited installment, fans can prepare for another chapter in the saga that embodies the essence of action-packed entertainment.

Release date: June 14, 2024

Directors: Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah


  • Will Smith as Mike Lowrey
  • Martin Lawrence as Marcus Burnett
  • Alexander Ludwig as Dorn
  • Vanessa Hudgens as Kelly
  • Tasha Smith as Theresa
  • Paola Nunez as Captain Rita Secada
  • Cristopher Cocke as Guard
  • Jerri Tubbs as Banker’s wife
  • Quinn Hemphill as Callie Howard

I am Legend 2

‘I Am Legend 2’ will be the highly anticipated sequel to the acclaimed original film, charting a gripping continuation of the haunting post-apocalyptic world that captured audiences’ imaginations. Under the direction of Francis Lawrence, the visionary behind the original film, this highly anticipated sequel ventures back into the eerie landscape where humanity teeters on the brink of extinction. Reprising his iconic role, Will Smith returns as Robert Neville, the lone survivor navigating the desolate remnants of a world ravaged by a devastating virus. However, this time, the story expands its narrative horizon, introducing Michael B. Jordan to the cast, promising a compelling dynamic between two powerhouse actors in this dystopian landscape. The storyline for the sequel will be crafted by writer Akiva Goldman but the plot details have not been shared publicly as of now. As the sequel delves into an alternate version diverging from the theatrical release, audiences can anticipate a fresh exploration of the themes and characters that defined the original film.

While specific plot details remain veiled in secrecy, the return to this bleak and desolate world offers a canvas for an intense and emotionally charged narrative. Set against a backdrop of crumbling cities and haunting silence, ‘I Am Legend 2’ promises to explore new dimensions of survival, humanity’s resilience, and the complexities of existence in a world overrun by mutated creatures. The original film captivated audiences with its blend of heart-pounding suspense, staggering visuals, and Smith’s riveting performance. With the sequel, the stage is set for an evolution of the gripping storyline, drawing audiences back into the gripping, harrowing tale that continues to captivate and resonate across audiences globally. As the anticipation builds for this highly awaited sequel, the promise of revisiting this dystopian world, alongside the talents of Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan, heralds an enthralling cinematic experience that fans of the original will surely embrace.

Expected Release: Not Available

Director: Francis Lawrence

The Council

‘The Council’ is an upcoming movie that will be unearthing the untold narrative of a clandestine empire that wielded unparalleled power in the heart of Harlem during the 1970s and early 80s. Under the masterful direction of Peter Landesman, this film unveils a captivating portrayal of one of New York’s most enigmatic and influential crime syndicates, centering on the charismatic and elusive figure of Nicky Barnes, christened ‘Mr. Untouchable’ by the New York Times. At the center of this tale lies Will Smith, stepping into the role of Nicky Barnes, a captivating and enigmatic leader who, alongside six other African-American men, held the reins of a criminal empire that redefined the dynamics of power in Harlem. With Landesman also taking on the role of writer, the film delves deep into the shadows, exploring the intricate web of alliances, ambition, and betrayal that defined this underworld dynasty.

The narrative unfolds against the vibrant yet perilous backdrop of Harlem, a world pulsating with its own unique energy and culture. As ‘The Council’ meticulously reconstructs the rise and reign of these seven men, audiences are transported into a world where alliances were forged, empires were built, and the quest for power met its own violent, inevitable conflicts. This gripping tale promises an immersive journey into the clandestine world of crime, ambition, and the complexities of human nature. As Nicky Barnes and his cohort of influential men navigate the treacherous labyrinth of power and influence, ‘The Council’ seems ready to captivate audiences with its spellbinding storytelling, stellar performances, and an exploration of a chapter in history rarely glimpsed on the silver screen. With Will Smith at the helm, embodying the captivating presence of Nicky Barnes, this film stands poised to illuminate a compelling yet seldom-explored era in the annals of American criminal history.

Expected Release: Not Available

Director: Peter Landesman

Fast and Loose

‘Fast and Loose’ is an upcoming high-stakes thriller movie, which is ready to offer a heart-pounding narrative of intrigue, identity, and the enigmatic world of espionage and crime. Under the skilled direction of David Leitch, this adrenaline-charged film will tell the spellbinding tale of John Riley, portrayed by Will Smith, a man caught between two divergent lives following a catastrophic memory loss. As per the revealed plot details, it will thrust audiences into a whirlwind of uncertainty as Riley wakes up in Tijuana, disoriented and stripped of his memories. As he embarks on a gripping journey to reclaim his identity, he stumbles upon a startling revelation that he’s been leading a double life. One existence presents him as a formidable crime lord, basking in opulence, wealth, and power, while the other reveals him as an undercover CIA operative, devoid of luxuries but immersed in a covert world of espionage. Erich Hoeber and Jon Hoeber’s script intricately weaves a labyrinth of clues and suspense, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats as Riley navigates through the tangled web of his dual identities. With each revelation, the lines blur between reality and deception, leaving Riley torn between the allure of power and the allure of a simpler, more authentic life.

The film promises to deliver Leitch’s trademark kinetic action sequences intertwined with an intricate narrative, creating a tapestry of intrigue and pulse-pounding tension. Will Smith’s portrayal of Riley, grappling with the dichotomy of his personas will serve as the magnetic force propelling this exhilarating tale forward.

Expected Release: Not Available

Director: David Leitch

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