The Office Might Be Back; Makers Assemble Writing Team

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Yes, you read it right. Fans of The Office – rejoice. Reports suggest that Dunder Mifflin may not be done with us yet. In recent developments, NBCUniversal, with the legendary Greg Daniels leading the charge, is reportedly keen on exploring a successor to the iconic workplace comedy, The Office.

For people who do not know, The Office is an American sitcom. The show makes a mockery of situations and is shot in a manner that oftentimes documentaries are shot. The series depicts the everyday lives of the characters. The narrative is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and it aired on NBC from March 24, 2005 to May 16, 2013. It spanned a total of nine seasons and was based on the 2003 BBC series of the same name. The BBC show was created by comedian and writer Ricky Gervais with Stephen Merchant acting as the co-creator. It was adapted for television in America by Greg Daniels, who is famously known for his work in Saturday Night Live, King of the Hill, and The Simpsons. 

Additionally, as per data shared by Netflix, the series has remained a global favorite, and has ranked amongst the most popular shows worldwide. It also helped catapult the careers of notable actors Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Mindy Kaling, Ed Helms, B.J. Novak, and many others. The Office continues to draw in viewers on streaming platforms, and its success speaks volumes about its enduring appeal. It’s no surprise then, that NBCUniversal sees potential in revisiting the world of Scranton paper sales.

Not a Reboot

Meanwhile, Greg Daniels has made it clear he has no interest in simply retreading familiar ground. While the show’s essence may linger, fans can expect something fresh and exciting. He also emphasized that a reboot doesn’t sit right with him, adding his desire for a new chapter, not a tired rehash. Moreover, Daniels has reportedly gathered a crack team of writers to brainstorm this potential successor. What form it will take, whether it’s a direct follow-up or something entirely new, remains under wraps for now.

Due to the success of the show, the studio has repeatedly expressed interest in rebooting the most loved television series of all time. Earlier NBC had attempted to resurrect the show a few years back, exploring a fresh plotline, with a new cast. However, the project did not progress beyond the development stage. This time, as a result of the writer’s room being assembled, we can hope that things will move forward. 

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