Sony launches INZONE Buds, the industry’s longest-lasting, truly wireless gaming earbuds

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Sony has introduced INZONE Buds, its new truly wireless gaming earbuds loaded with renowned Sony audio technology. With 12 hours of battery life, a personalized sound experience, and low latency, INZONE Buds provide an immersive gaming experience for PC, mobile, and console gamers. This year, INZONE Buds have won back-to-back international titles in the VALORANT Champions Tour courtesy of a collaboration with the renowned esports team, Fnatic. By enhancing the audio realism of your PC and PlayStation gaming experience, INZONE continues to elevate your gaming experience.

INZONE Buds Features

The wireless earbuds have an industry-leading design and cutting-edge technology to enhance your competitive edge in gaming with precise directional cues and minimal background interference. The Sony INZONE Buds redefine gaming audio with their wireless headset that boasts the industry’s longest battery life of up to 12 hours of continuous use. Powered by a low-consumption L1 processor, these buds enable extended gaming sessions without interruption. Gamers can enjoy an hour of uninterrupted playtime with just a 5-minute charge with quick charging features.

Moreover, the Sony INZONE Buds minimize ear contact to ensure maximum comfort, allowing long gaming sessions without discomfort. With the lightweight design and true wireless capabilities, these earbuds are a breeze to wear, while the reduced contact enhances overall comfort. 

On the other hand, through the AI-assisted microphone, users can communicate clearly during gaming action. Combining over 500 million voice samples with an advanced AI DNN algorithm, the microphone amplifies and distinguishes the user’s voice. It also provides seamless control at your fingertips, enhancing the gaming experience with customizable tap functions. Users can easily access vital controls with a simple touch.

Additionally, the INZONE Hub software allows you to customize your gaming experience. Using this intuitive platform, users can customize sound and hardware settings, fine-tune game sound frequencies for heightened clarity, and assign tap functions for convenient operation.

Furthermore, these buds are also designed keeping the environment in mind. The packaging is plastic-free and made from recycled materials. Recycled plastic is also used for some parts of the headset body, case, and USB transceiver. Therefore, it’s not only good for your gaming experience but also the planet.

Price and Availability 

In India, the INZONE Buds will be available at Sony stores (Sony Center and Sony Exclusive), the portal, major electronic stores, and other e-commerce websites from 22nd January 2024 onwards. These are priced at 17,990.

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