OnePlus 10 Pro Almost comes apart in sturdiness examination


The examination does reveal that the OnePlus 10 Pro smart device is vulnerable to problems when pushed also far.

OnePlus previously this year launched the OnePlus 10 Pro smart device in China. The phone features some outstanding requirements, which includes Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 cpu, a 50MP back electronic camera, a 120Hz display screen and cordless charging modern technology to name a few. While the phone is a giant, the very same can not be stated concerning its durability. Also Read – OnePlus Nord CE 2 Review

YouTuber Zack Nelson and also creator of the JerryRigEverything channel, put the recently released OnePlus 10 Pro via his sturdiness test. Typically, you would certainly expect a flagship smartphone from a business like OnePlus to hold its ground yet that’s not what happened in case of the OnePlus 10 Pro. When the YouTuber tried to flex the phone with the display side up, the back glass (together with some interior elements of the phone) cracked. The crack lines appear under the rear camera module of the phone suggesting that the phone is structurally weak because area. Interestingly, the phone still operates flawlessly. You can see Nelson making use of the screen and also even turning on the flash of the rear video camera module. Also Read – ONEPLUS NORD CE 2 5G PRICE, STORAGE & SHADE OPTIONS TIPPED

When he transformed the OnePlus 10 Pro, the other side, that is, to bend it the various other way round (with the back glass turned downwards), the phone snapped in half. If you don’t wish to see the whole video but just the part where the phone cracks up, you can begin the video at 6:57 mins.

Weirdly, the flash light of the OnePlus 10 Pro can be seen working also after the phone breaks in two parts as well as interior elements of the phone start to reveal, which indicates that the phone broke right over the battery. “The OnePlus 10 Pro does not survive the JerryRigEverything resilience test. It breaks in half … quite catastrophically,” the YouTuber wrote in the summary of the video clip.

That said, Nelson does push the OnePlus 10 Pro to its limits, which is unlikely to occur in day-to-day use, unless of course you are subjecting it to your own toughness test. However, the test does show that the phone is vulnerable to problems when pressed as well much.

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