Wordle 301: Hints, Clues, and Answer for 16 April 2022

Wordle, the New York Times owned word puzzle game is one of the most popular games on the internet. The game is back with a new word for Saturday, 16 April.

But before moving on to the wordle word of the day, here is a brief description the game for those who are new to it.

As mentioned above, Wordle is a word puzzle game that comes with a new five-letter word every day. Players get a total of six attempts to guess the correct word. After each guess, the colour of word boxes change to show whether you have guessed the correct word or not.

Players who are able to guess the correct word within the given six attempts are awarded a Wordle score.

Wordle word of the day, i.e. Wordle 301, is not that difficult to guess. However, here we have curated some hints and clues, which might help you to guess the correct word.

Wordle 301: Hints and Clue for 16 April

  • Wordle word of the day begins with the letter ‘C’.
  • It end with the letter ‘K’.
  • It comprises of one vowel which is used twice.

While guessing the word, players must keep in mind that Wordle word of the day is a noun.

Wordle 301 Answer for 16 April

If you are only left with your last attempt and still haven’t been able to guess that correct word, then here’s the solution for you. Wordle word for 16 April 2022 is ‘CHEEK’.

Wordle 4/15/22 Answer for 300 – April 15 2022

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