Elon Musk might be planning to reboot Vine inside of Twitter


Elon Musk might be planning to reboot Vine inside of Twitter.

Vine is a social media platform that allows users to share six-second videos. It was acquired by Twitter in 2012 and is now being shut down.

Vine was founded by Dom Hofmann and Colin Kroll in January 2012. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.In December 2012, Twitter announced that it was acquiring the company.

In March 2013, Vine shut down due to an outage caused by a configuration change made without informing the engineering team first. It became fully operational again on April 18th, 2013.Vine’s app is available for iOS and Android devices as well as on desktops via the

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has been working on a new video sharing platform called “Twitch” for a while now. He has even talked about it on his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” In an interview with Business Insider, Musk said that he plans to launch Twitch in the future but it could be years before it becomes a reality.

In the meantime, he’s looking into ways to bring back Vine as well as other social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram Stories which have also been shutdown by their respective companies.

Twitter has a lot going on at the moment as it tries to reinvent itself in order to stay relevant in today’s market.

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Elon Musk has been the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors since 2008. He is also the chairman of SolarCity, co-founder of OpenAI, and co-founder and CEO of Neuralink.

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