Wordle 504 Answers Today: Hints, Clues, Word of the Day for 5 November 2022


Wordle 504 word of the day: The final answer for 5 November 2022 is mentioned towards the end for the readers.

Hello folks! We are back with another list of hints and clues for wordle 504 today, Saturday, 5 November 2022. For people who are new here or do not know why we are so excited, Wordle puzzle is one of the most popular puzzle games in which the player has to guess a five-letter word every day and this gives them a chance to learn new words every day and help them win a score. Thus, maintaining the winning streak.

The players must know that they will have only six chances to guess the word and they have to guess the word within those limited chances to win a score. You can go through our hints and clues, and finally the word of the day for wordle 504 today, 5 November 2022.

Wordle 504: Hints and Clues for 5 November 2022

  • The word of the day starts with the alphabet D.
  • The answer for Saturday ends with the letter M.
  • The word has two vowels so try to guess them first if you want the score.
  • The solution for Saturday has no repetitive letters.
  • The synonyms of the word are think and imagine.

Wordle 504 Word of the Day for 5 November 2022

Now, we will reveal the Wordle 504 answer to all the readers. If you are stuck, keep reading to know the final solution for the day.

Wordle 504 solution for Saturday, 5 November 2022, is mentioned below for the readers:


You must check this space out if you are a regular player of the word game. We will help you out.

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