Elon Musk Wants To Turn Twitter Into A Payments Platform


Elon Musk wants to turn Twitter into the next Cash App or Venmo.

Earlier today, Musk attended a Q&A hosted through a Twitter Space. While the new CEO answered a lot of questions concerning content moderation and profile verification, he also touched on the future of payments on the platform.

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When asked about how payments could work in the future for Twitter, Musk revealed a potential future in which the platform would feature a number of payment systems like peer-to-peer transfer and even a high-yield money market account.

Now we can say, okay, you’ve got a balance on your account. Do you want to send money to someone else within Twitter? And maybe we pre-populate their account…and say, okay, we’re gonna give you 10 bucks. And you can send it anywhere within Twitter. The next step would be this offer for an extremely compelling money market account where you get an extremely high yield on your balance. And then add debit cards, checks and whatnot and…just basically make the system as useful as possible. And the more useful and entertaining it is, the more people will use it.

Musk went on to say that such a system would make it easy for customers to interact and purchase products and services more seamlessly from creators and merchants. You can listen to the recording of the Twitter Space below:

                      In addition to talking about his idea for more payments on Twitter, Musk also addressed the worries that many have about  the new           version of Twitter Blue, which gives all subscribers the famous blue checkmark. Musk says that, in addition to the $8 per month     hurdle that bad actors will have to deal with, the company will also be verifying identity through credit/debit cards as well as smartphones. The company believes that the combination of all three will, over time, ensure identity for those who pay for the service.

                        The new Twitter Blue launched to users earlier today.


Elon Musk has a vision of how to use Twitter as a payments platform. He wants to get people to pay for the tweets they read. The idea is that if people don’t like your tweet, they won’t show it in their timeline and you will lose followers.

Elon Musk wants to turn Twitter into a payments platform by using its data, user’s data, and blockchain technology. He envisages a future where your tweets will be linked with your identity so that you can pay for things like food or transportation using your tweets as well as get discounts on products or services.

Musk’s plan is to not only introduce a new payment system, but also make it so seamless that people don’t even have to think about it. By doing this, he believes that the future will be more connected and easier for everyone in the world. In order to achieve this, Musk wants Twitter users to start using the company’s blockchain technology. This means that your tweets can be linked with your identity and information about you can be encrypted and stored

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