All details about JioCinema’s free Ultra-HD 4K IPL 2023 streaming in 12 languages

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  • All IPL 2023 matches will be streamed on JioCinema in Ultra-HD resolution
  • The platform streamed the 2022 FIFA World Cup in India

Streaming of the Indian Premier League cricket tournament will be free in India through JioCinema, the digital streaming partner for 2023 and beyond. The IPL 2023 starts on March 31, and JioCinema is introducing new technological improvements on various platforms to enhance the viewing experience. All 74 matches in the tournament will be streamed in Ultra-HD 4K resolution at up to multiple camera angles that the user can choose and switch between.

JioCinema streams IPL 2023 in Ultra-HD resolution

Before streaming the popular Indian Premier League cricket tournament for the first time, JioCinema has introduced new technologies and improvements designed to enhance the viewing experience across mobile and television platforms. It has worked with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to upgrade the equipment and ensure the tournament can be streamed in Ultra-HD 4K resolution – ideal for viewing on large-screen smart televisions.

JioCinema is also working on low-cost, low-tech ways to stream IPL 2023. With JioPhone feature phones, users can stream content to TVs, such as CR televisions, that do not have HDMI ports. Jio Media Cable, which can work with JioPhone feature phones, may also enable streaming from feature phones to older TVs that do not have HDMI ports. As well as casting wirelessly, smartphone and tablet users can connect their devices to a TV using adapters or cables.

JioCinema’s IPL 2023: Statistics, multiple angles, and 12 languages

In addition to high-resolution streaming, there are other changes that will benefit users on all kinds of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and virtual reality headsets. With the implementation of a much-improved viewing experience, the service will include statistics such as scores and pitch heat maps, text commentary so viewers can interact with the content, and multiple camera angles that can be cycled and accessed by each viewer.

As part of the app, match highlights will also be marked in the streaming bar so users can quickly jump to key moments. A number of these features can also be viewed on JioCinema smart TV apps, including multiple camera angles, statistics and scorecards, among others. This allows you to view the mainstream and statistics side by side, without interfering with the match’s view. 

To improve the viewing experience for viewers in different regions, JioCinema is offering the IPL in 12 languages in India. Selecting a language will not just alter the language of the commentary but also customize the graphics and statistics to appear in the chosen language. The available language options will encompass English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Gujarati, and others.

Virtual Reality coming into play

JioCinema is planning to introduce a new feature for the IPL streaming experience, with the goal of making it VR-friendly. While no official timeline has been announced, the platform is actively developing the feature to offer select content in a 360-degree format, allowing users to watch the game from a virtualized big-screen perspective while also viewing virtual advertising banners and statistics. JioCinema is working on creating equipment for this feature, including an affordable VR headset named JioDive and a more expensive option, JioGlass. Furthermore, during certain matches, the use of 360-degree cameras may provide a fully immersive, interactive viewing experience that responds to the viewer’s head movements.

As the digital streaming partner for IPL, JioCinema is getting ready for a big test during the upcoming 2023 season. Notably, the platform offers free access to the app and its content without charging a subscription fee. JioCinema has already shown its capability to stream a major sporting event by successfully streaming the 2022 FIFA World Cup in India. In addition to the digital streaming option, fans can also watch IPL 2023 on traditional linear cable and DTH television networks, with Star India retaining the broadcast rights for the tournament.

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