In the next four years, Dyson will launch 20 new products globally

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  • Dyson to bring about new products across categories
  • The company also releases the results of its most comprehensive hair research study in conjunction with this investment

The Dyson product line includes products from a wide variety of categories. With the launch of its first Supersonic hair dryer in 2018, the company entered the hair care segment in India. This company’s hair care products utilize a powerful airflow technology that can be created by taking air into a motor and accelerating it over an annular aperture. Additionally, Dyson claims that its digital motor V9 is eight times faster than conventional hair dryer motors, making its products more powerful and user-friendly.

According to Dyson engineer Chidambersan Krishnaswami, the new Dyson Airwap multi-styler also uses airflow technology to style your hair. Also, Krishnaswamy said the device would protect the hair from further damage. 

Dyson hair research study

As part of this investment, Dyson also publishes the results of its most comprehensive hair research study yet. The study examines hair perceptions, habits, and attitudes towards hair styling across 23 markets and 23,000 participants.

A study reveals that seven in ten respondents consider their hair damaged, with dandruff, hair loss, and greying hair as top concerns. However, these are not damage concerns. 67% of all respondents also agree their hair is healthy despite it being damaged.

“Dandruff, hair loss and greying hair are not forms of damage, but scalp and hair growth concerns. Hair damage refers to the breakdown of the hair cuticle and cortex, which can lead to your hair looking frizzy, dull, or snapping off. The best way to achieve healthy hair is through prevention and minimising exposure to the causes of damage. This includes extreme heat, which makes hair weaker and more susceptible to breakage and split ends.” Rob Smith, Dyson Senior Principal Hair Scientist.

The company claims that these findings will enable the engineers at Dyson to gain a deeper understanding of real-world styling frustrations and develop their new products accordingly.


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