Safety Revolution: Honda’s Detachable Airbags for Motorcycles in Development

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  • Honda’s 2006 Gold Wing tourer is the only bike with a frontal airbag.
  • Recent patent filings show Honda exploring new frontiers in two-wheeler safety technology.
  • Honda’s detachable airbags could revolutionize two-wheeler safety.

In 2006, Honda was at the forefront of two-wheeler safety technology, introducing a frontal airbag on its Gold Wing tourer. However, despite this pioneering move, airbags have yet to become mainstream in the motorcycle industry. Even after 15 years, the Gold Wing remains the only bike to feature this advanced safety system, with other manufacturers yet to embrace the technology.

Honda is pushing the boundaries of two-wheeler safety technology even further. Their recent patent filings suggest that the company is exploring new frontiers in this area. Not too long ago, it was discovered that Honda had filed a design patent for frontal airbags on scooters in India. Now, fresh filings have revealed an innovative concept – detachable airbags – that could revolutionize the safety features of two-wheelers.

In the event of a crash, the detachable airbag system, like most airbag systems, uses a canister of pressurized gas to fill the airbag rapidly. The airbag wraps around the rider’s torso, providing protection to their chest and back. But what sets this system apart is what happens next. The airbag is heated to seal it and subsequently separates from the vehicle. As the airbag deflates at a controlled rate, a check valve absorbs energy from any impacts in the process. This innovative concept could prove to be a game-changer in the motorcycle industry, offering a new level of safety and protection for riders.

According to the reports, the company is testing mainly two airbags systems, and the first will be placed in front under the legs of the rider. The airbags will be capable of inflating between the legs and wrapping around the rider to provide complete protection. At the same time, the second concept is designed to be placed behind the rider, which will be between the pillion and the rider seat.

The development is in a very early phase, which certainly means that the airbag technology will not be seen anytime soon. It would be interesting to see what Honda is planning for the enhancement of two-wheeler safety.


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