Apple batteries will utilize 100% recycled cobalt by 2025, company says

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  • These goals are part of the company’s goals to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030
  • Apple is also looking to cut down all plastic from product packaging by 2025
  • The company also offered some data on the materials used on its 2022 devices

Apple has led the way in terms of using eco-friendly and recycled materials on its phones, Macs, and other products. The company has now set an ambitious target of using 100% recycled cobalt on the batteries it designs by 2025. Furthermore, the company said that magnets used on its devices will exclusively use recycled rare earth elements, also by 2025.

The Cupertino-based manufacturer also revealed it would use 100% recycled tin soldering and gold plating on circuit boards designed by Apple. “From the recycled materials in our products, to the clean energy that powers our operations, our environmental work is integral to everything we make and to who we are. So we’ll keep pressing forward in the belief that great technology should be great for our users, and for the environment,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a release.

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Apple 2030

Apple has previously said it would eliminate all plastic from retail packaging by 2025. This initiative, along with the ones mentioned above, gives Apple a big advantage in achieving its goal of carbon neutrality by 2030, also known as Apple 2030.

Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives at Apple, Lisa Jackson, said the increased use of recycled and renewable materials on its products is closely aligned with Apple’s aim to become a carbon-neutral company by the end of the decade.

Sharing some insights about 2022, the manufacturer said 25% of the cobalt used in Apple devices was sourced via recycling. Similarly, 95% of tungsten and roughly 75% of rare earth materials on Apple devices last year were also obtained in this fashion.

Having a robust recycling program is important for a large corporation like Apple, which sells millions of phones, laptops, watches, and other devices every year. However, other companies will also have to do their part in terms of recycling and obtaining components from renewable sources for these efforts to have any bearing on the environment. Apple alone can only do so much.

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