Introducing the SWITCHBOT S10: The Ultimate Home Robot Cleaner with Humidifier Refilling

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  • S10 brings advanced navigation, cleaning, and smart water management to SwitchBot’s home automation range.
  • S10 refills tanks and drains water automatically, keeping floors clean and humidifiers full.

SwitchBot, a leader in home automation, recently introduced a groundbreaking addition to its product lineup at IFA 2023: the S10 Floor Cleaning Robot. Unlike typical home automation devices, the S10 doesn’t just automate tasks; it also takes care of its own maintenance, marking a significant leap in the smart home industry.

Autonomy Meets Self-Reliance

Joining SwitchBot’s range of home automation systems, the S10 boasts advanced navigation, cleaning capabilities, and intelligent water management. As it efficiently cleans your home, it can automatically refill its water tanks and drain used water, ensuring your floors are pristine and your humidifier is topped up. After completing its tasks, the S10 returns to its charging dock, where it dries its mop head. The convenience factor is undeniable, making home comfort effortless.

Cleaning Excellence

The S10, in line with SwitchBot’s ethos of ‘delegating physical tasks to robots,’ excels as a floor cleaner. With 6500Pa high suction power, it leaves no particle of dust untouched, whether on the floor or within carpets. It uses a state-of-the-art roller mop system to scrubs, washes, and cleans with precision. When it detects a carpet, the S10 stops water spraying and lifts the mop head to keep the carpet dry. Impressively, it self-cleans its mop head 300 times a minute.

Industry-First Water Management

The S10 introduces an industry-first feature: an auto water refill and drain system. This innovation connects to your home’s plumbing system, autonomously refilling the water tank as needed and draining it after use. The result is unparalleled convenience and time savings, eliminating the need for manual tank maintenance.

Efficient Charging Dock

Designed to be a one-stop solution, the charging dock not only recharges the S10 but also empties its 4-litre dust tank and dries the mop head. This fully automated process requires no human intervention, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning for weeks and dust tank replacement every 70 days.

Intelligent Navigation

Equipped with smart LiDAR sensors, the S10 precisely maps your living space, detects obstacles, and adapts to different flooring types. Whether it’s tile, hardwood, or carpet, the S10 adjusts its cleaning mode accordingly, delivering impeccable results. It also avoids obstacles and navigates around no-go zones, providing a tailored cleaning experience.

SWITCHBOT S10 Availability and Pricing

The SwitchBot S10 is set to launch on Kickstarter in October and is priced at $1199.99. As part of SwitchBot’s IoRT (Internet of Robotic Things) device lineup, the S10 aims to automate household chores, leaving you with more time for leisure. The accompanying app lets you schedule routines, define no-go zones, and access essential functions and statistics. At IFA 2023 in Berlin, SwitchBot is showcasing the S10 floor cleaning robot alongside its innovative devices, reshaping the future of home automation.

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