Snapchat Enhances Teen Online Safety with New Features

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  • Snap Inc. bolsters online safety for teens on Snapchat with new features
  • Age-appropriate content and protection from unsolicited contact are the key goals
  • A new strike system and advanced detection tech combat inappropriate content


In recent developments, Snap Inc. has announced a series of upcoming features designed to enhance online safety for Snapchat users aged 13-17. These updates will be introduced in the coming weeks and have three primary objectives. 

The primary goals include safeguarding teenagers from unwanted interactions with strangers, maintaining age-appropriate content within the platform, and fortifying the process of removing accounts that attempt to promote inappropriate material through implementing an advanced detection system and a new strike-based enforcement mechanism.

Enhancing Safe Interactions

Snapchat is taking measures to ensure that teenagers only interact with individuals they personally know, such as friends, family, or trusted contacts. These measures include:

  • In-App Warnings: A pop-up warning will appear when someone attempts to add a teen as a friend without any shared mutual contacts or an existing contact in their phone book. This warning encourages teens to consider whether they want to connect with the person and advises against it if they have doubts.
  • Enhanced Friending Protections: Snapchat is increasing the requirement for mutual friends among 13-to-17-year-olds before they can appear in search results. The goal is to reduce teens’ chances of connecting with individuals outside their existing friend network.

Introducing a New Strike System for Age-Inappropriate Content Promotion

To address the promotion of age-inappropriate content on public platforms, Snapchat has introduced a new Strike System. This system swiftly removes inappropriate content that is either proactively detected or reported. Accounts that repeatedly attempt to bypass the rules will face bans. 

Speaking about the same, Uthara Ganesh, Head of Public Policy-South Asia, Snap Inc. said, “Our latest features are thoughtful in-app features that are designed to empower teens to make smarter choices, and talk openly about staying safe online.”

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