Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max has the best selfie camera: DXOMARK

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  • The rear camera of the iPhone 15 Pro Max also received a healthy rating from DXOMARK not too long ago
  • Apple has seemingly enabled selfie camera upgrades despite sticking with an unchanged front camera this year
  • The selfie camera improvement could be due to the new Apple A17 Pro chipset

After clinching the #2 spot in DXOMARK’s extensive rear camera analysis, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max now has another feather in its cap: the selfie camera. Per the same organisation, the front camera on Apple’s most recent flagship is the best in the industry, which is quite a claim, considering the number of smartphones available in the market today.

Looking at some of the other phones in DXOMARK’s global reveals something interesting. Just behind the iPhone 15 Pro Max is last year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max, which shares the second spot with the iPhone 14 Pro and the Huawei Mate 50 Pro.

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With an overall score of 149, the iPhone 15 Pro Max makes it to the top of the list, while the next best selfie camera score is 145, shared by the three devices mentioned above. It’s worth noting that most of the upgrades to the selfie camera appear to be bundled, thanks to the new A17 Pro chipset.

Some issues exist

DXOMARK’s detailed analysis considers practically every metric imaginable, including texture, noise, bokeh, colour, exposure, etc. In the cons list, the site lists noise in certain shooting conditions, as well as differences in sharpness while capturing video, especially while walking. DXOMARK also mentions “occasional” colour quantisation artifacts in the cons list.

All things considered, the test results show that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the best phone for selfies right now, at least as per DXOMARK’s test. It’s worth mentioning that DXOMARK hasn’t tested the cameras on the recently launched Pixel 8 and 8 Pro series, though a detailed post on these two Google flagships should be on the way.


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