New MacBooks with Apple M3 chips could launch in 2024: Report

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  • Previous reports had also speculated a 2024 launch timeline for the new range of Apple MacBooks with the 3nm M3 chip
  • Apple was previously expected to release new MacBooks by October this year
  • It’s likely that Apple may wait until WWDC 2024 to unveil the new MacBooks with the M3 chipset

Reports over the past few months have talked about Apple launching new MacBooks with the next-gen M3 chips imminently. While it was initially believed to debut by October this year, that doesn’t appear to be the case. A new five-year shipments forecast now suggests that the Cupertino-based manufacturer could reveal the new Apple M3-based MacBooks by 2024.

For some context, the new M3 chip will be developed on TSMC’s 3nm node and is expected to break new records regarding CPU performance. This newly published shipment forecast assumes a rebound of the global notebook industry, which has been on a downward trend over the past 2 years.

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The forecast mentions a notebook shipments growth of 4.7% next year, factoring in new product launches and a reduction in inflation. This shipments forecast by Digitimes mentions a decline in 2023 shipments for Apple, given the anticipated transition to TSMC’s 3nm process in 2024, accompanied by new MacBooks.

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To be clear, this is only a speculative report based on market trends, and nothing is set in stone for now. However, based on past reports about Apple’s progress in developing the all-new chip, we don’t see any reason to dispute this Digitimes forecast.

This isn’t the first time we’ve encountered a 2024 timeline for the Apple M3-toting MacBooks, though. Back in September, noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo specifically pointed to a 2024 release of the new M3 MacBooks while leaving the door ajar for a possible non-M3 iMac launch this year.

As MacRumors points out, the currently available iMac has been due an upgrade for a while. It still features the older Apple M1 chip, and the company may be keen to refresh the desktop soon. But whether that would be this year or if the manufacturer will wait until 2024 is still unclear.

In any case, we should expect a handful of new MacBooks to land sometime next year, possibly during the mid-year WWDC. But in the meantime, we expect to come across a ton of leaks since no Apple product manages to stay a secret for long.

Source: DigiTimes

Via: MacRumors

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