Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2i Long-term review: Powerful vacuum cleaner for all your cleaning needs

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Diwali is forever synonymous with cleaning. It has been a tradition to undertake deep cleaning of the homes and offices during that time. However, the pandemic has taught us not to wait for a year and ensure that the places around us are clean and hygienic at all times. With our hectic lifestyles, this can be a challenge, and thus, there are these new-age gadgets that can come in handy. Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2i is one such gadget that wants to replace your kaam wali bai and ensure that the house is dust and pollen-free at all times. Here is our long-term review of this handy little gadget.

DesignXiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2i

The sleek and minimalistic design of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2i is an immediate eye-catcher. Much like the other vacuum cleaner by Xiaomi, this one also comes in a white colour and has a similar design and form factor. Its circular shape enables it to easily navigate under furniture and around obstacles, ensuring thorough cleaning. The premium matte finish gives it a modern, sophisticated look that blends well with any home decor.Xiaomi Robo vacuum

There is a touch-sensitive power on and off button on the top of the device, the rest of the sensors are well hidden and integrated into the design. The robot vacuum’s sensors, including LDS (Laser Distance Sensor), ultrasonic radar, and cliff sensors, are discreetly integrated into the design, ensuring efficient navigation and obstacle avoidance. It can tackle both vacuuming and mopping tasks with a detachable water tank and mop attachment.


The white colour machine is equipped with a powerful motor for the cleaning operation. Apart from collecting dust and grime, the machine has a mop attachment, which can be used after filling up the water tank.  The Vacuum Mop can be set up using the app. The process was very straightforward. Once set up, you can easily use the app to schedule the daily cleaning or set up new plans. Present-age tech-savvies are able to set up the same, and the machine can be remotely used.Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2i

Sensors of Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2i, are able to map the area that needs to be cleaned.   It takes into account the furniture area and is able to manoeuvre the furnished area.  The machine cleans the area below beds and chairs as well.  However, it gets confused at times.  It is advisable to ensure that objects are not scattered here and there, specifically cables and foot mats etc. as they can get tangled in the machine.Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Mop 2i

The dust collector bin can be cleaned along with the provided filter.  The machine can suck dust, grime and hair etc.  The mop function can be used simultaneously along with the vacuum function and separately as well.  The water tank of the machine needs to be filled up before using the mop function.


The machine works for approximately 90 minutes to two hours post charging the battery. It is able to charge from 0 to 100 in about 4 hours and automatically moves to the charging point when it is about to run out of juice.


Overall, the  Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop is a good buy for cleaning up mid-sized apartments.  The machine is quite useful if you have kids, elderly or people with dust and pollen living in the house.

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  • Good Battery Life and not very long charging time
  • Efficient suction power
  • Reasonably good vacuum cleaning 
  • Can be used on most hard floors, i.e. marble, tiled and hardwood floors.
  • Does not make much noise
  • In case there is no Wi-Fi connectivity, the robot can still be used  
  • Fewer parts of the Xiaomi robot require regular cleaning
  • The machine is fitted with an allergen-trapping HEPA filter
  • Overall, it is easy to operate and maintain.


  • The device requires to be reset if it gets confused and doesn’t auto-correct
  • Sanitisers or cleaners cannot be added to the water tank as it will damage the equipment.
  • At times, hair, rubber bands, lint etc., get entangled in the castors and removing them is difficult.
  • Not very effective cleaning of the skirting area and remote corners.

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