BTS’ Jungkook Lights Up Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show with Dance Moves: 5 talk points that we just can’t get enough of

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  • Jungkook celebrated his debut solo album, Golden, on The Tonight Show
  • This is his first solo appearance on the show
  • Fellow bandmates Suga and Jimin too had been on the show

 Jungkook of BTS visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to celebrate his first solo album, Golden. This marked his second appearance on the show, thrilling BTS fans. He had previously been interviewed by Jimmy Fallon along with the rest of the BTS members. We have listed some fun moments for you from the show.

Fear of Microwaves

The BTS member has revealed that he is afraid of microwaves! In a charming quirk, Jungkook stated that his fear of microwaves stems from his concern that they might unexpectedly explode when in use. 

Seven Turns Platinum 

The program opened by applauding BTS as five-time Grammy nominees and showcasing Jungkook’s impressive feat with Seven, the fastest song to hit one billion streams and earn Platinum status. When asked about his greatest source of pride, Jungkook expressed his deep pride in both BTS and their loyal ARMY fanbase.

Teaching Fallon the hook step 

The K-pop sensation, often referred to as the youngest member or maknae of BTS, added to the excitement by delivering a captivating performance of his title track from Golden, Standing Next to You. During his appearance, he also took a moment to teach Jimmy some of the catchy hook steps from the song, creating an entertaining and memorable segment for the audience.

Golden World Tour

With Jungkook’s worldwide recognition and the record-breaking success of SEVEN, people might be curious about his plans for a world tour. In response to this, the K-pop sensation humbly mentioned that he currently lacks a sufficient number of songs to undertake a global tour. He expressed his intention to consider it when he feels adequately prepared. Furthermore, Jungkook shared that he values the input of his bandmates and reviews all his songs with their assistance.

Jung Kook’s reaction to sleeping live on WeVerse

On the show, Jimmy Fallon also reminded Jungkook of the time when he slept on a Live, and six million people watched him sleep for 21 minutes. He later playfully said that he would also like to try sleeping on a live show.



BTS other members had also graced the show

Earlier this year, Jimin and Suga, too, had been on the show. Both of them had gone separately to promote their own solo albums namely Face and D-Day. Army were able to enjoy many memorable moments through these interactions as well.


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