Garfield Release Date: Latest Updates, Cast, Trailer, and Overview

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Garfield, a well-known cartoon pet since its debut in the 1978 Jim Davis comic strip, has become a global icon with various TV series, holiday specials, films, and merchandise. Despite a dedicated fanbase, only two live-action/CGI films, both featuring Bill Murray as the main character, have been released in almost 20 years. Now, fans’ wishes are coming true as the lasagna-loving cat is gearing up for its first animated theatrical release.

In 2016, Alcon Entertainment announced its venture into animation with a Garfield project, which faced initial production challenges. However, things picked up in November 2021 when Chris Pratt was revealed as the voice behind the beloved character. With a steady stream of promotional updates, we bring you a straightforward overview of all the current details about The Garfield Movie.

Garfield Theater and OTT Release Date 

Despite the changing release plans, initially marked for February 16, 2024, The Garfield Movie is now expected to be theatrically released in the US and worldwide on Friday, May 24, 2024. The film will debut during a busy Memorial Day weekend, alongside two major blockbusters set for the same day: Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes and the prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa.

The Garfield Movie will come out in theaters first. Later on, after it’s shown in theaters, you can watch it on Netflix, thanks to a deal with Sony in 2021.

Garfield Cast and Crew

The Garfield Movie brings together the talents of director Mark Dindal and writer David Reynolds, previously known for their work on Chicken Little and The Emperor’s New Groove. Joining Reynolds in crafting the story are Paul A. Kaplan and Mark Torgrove from Raising Hope. As Chris Pratt lends his voice to the iconic feline, he is joined by a stellar cast that includes,

  • Chris Pratt: Garfield
  • Samuel L. Jackson: Vic (Garfield’s father)
  • Hannah Waddingham: (Role to be disclosed)
  • Brett Goldstein: (Role to be disclosed)

Garfield Storyline 

According to reports, Garfield, the famous indoor cat known for his disdain for Mondays and love of lasagna, will take on a wild outdoor adventure in the upcoming film. Voiced by Chris Pratt, Garfield experiences an unexpected reunion with his long-lost father, the scruffy street cat Vic, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. This encounter propels Garfield and his canine sidekick Odie into a humorous and high-stakes heist, disrupting their once-perfectly pampered lives.

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