Kengan Ashura Season 2 Part 2: Release date, where to watch, and everything we know so far

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Kengan Ashura, the Japanese anime adaptation based on the manga series of the same name, returned for season 2 earlier this year, more than three years after the season 1 was released. While the first part of the second season has already been released on Netflix and surged the popularity of this series to an unprecedented level, the second part has also been confirmed to be under production and could release on the streaming platform earlier than you might have expected. Check out the release details and more below.

When is Kengan Ashura Season 2 Part 2 coming out?

Kengan Ashura: Season 2 Part 2 OTT Release Date 2024
Kengan Ashura: Season 2 Part 2 OTT Platform Netflix
Kengan Ashura: Season 2 Part 2: Cast Ohma Tokita, Agito Kanō, Hajime Hanafusa, Yoshinari Karo and more
Kengan Ashura: Season 2 Part 2: Creators Seiji Kishi

The second part of the second season, or Part 4, of the anime series will be released on Netflix in 2024, as confirmed by Netflix Anime official account on X through the post below.

While the exact release date of Season 2 Part 2 has not been revealed yet by Netflix, we can expect the release window to be announced before the end of this year.

Kengan Ashura Season 2 Part 2: Story so far

Kengan Ashura’s story is set in a world where powerful and wealthy businessmen hire gladiators to fight on their behalf as the winner takes it all. The story in the show revolves around Tokito Ohma, who is a powerful and enigmatic martial artist. Ohma is scouted by Nogi Group CEO Nogi Hideki, and makes his way in the underground combat sport by defeating his opponents with relative ease. In the first season, we saw Tokito start fighting for Yamashita Trading Co. and became a part of the Nogi group. He took part in the massively popular Kengan Annihilation Tournament to test if he could actually beat the most powerful fighters in the world or not. The first season concluded with Ohma defeating Raina and moving on to the quarter-final round of the tournament but getting seriously injured in the process. In season 2, part 1, the tournament progresses, and as Ohma recovers from his injuries, other members of the Nogi group try to overcome their respective powerful opponents.

While the show primarily focusses on different fighting styles and delivers great action scenes, it also showcases the relationships between the fighters and their fighting organisations. This season also reveals the motivations for the individual fighters and brings out their backstories to show how they formed their unique personalities. This season also makes it clear that the Kengan Association has a massive impact on the overall society and makes it the perfect backdrop for the power struggle and the issues caused due to the greed for power. With great characters, a gripping storyline, and brilliant action sequences, the season 2 Part 1 sets the stage perfectly for an epic Part 2, which will come next year.

The season 2 part 2 has been confirmed by Netflix Anime to “conclude” the epic battle (Kengan Annihilation Tournament). This will conclude the original story, but fans of the show have plenty to be excited about as Kengan Omega, which is a sequel to Kengan Ashura, could also be turned into an anime series soon, given the popularity of the original series. For the uninitiated, Kengan Omega began serialization back in 2019, and it is still going on to date.

Kengan Ashura Season 2 Part 2: Trailer

As of now, there has been no official trailer released for Kengan Ashura Season 2 Part 2. As the second part will be released next year, we can expect the trailer to drop in the leading months.

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