Black Mirror: Season 7 – Release date, where to watch, and everything we know so far

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Black Mirror, the popular Sci-Fi show which deals with storylines set in a dystopian future where technology develops more complications as it advances, has been renewed for Season 7. To recall, the last season of this hit show concluded back in June this year and featured 5 episodes. Interestingly, Black Mirror returned to Netflix after 4 years earlier this year and managed to fetch unprecedented numbers on the platform for the series in multiple markets. Over the years, several A-list stars have featured in the series, and the latest season was no different as it starred big names, including Salma Hayek, Michael Cera, Aaron Paul, Kate Mara, and Daniel Portman. Considering the fact that every episode features a new story with new characters and actors, the possibilities for the show are virtually endless, and as the new season has just been renewed, we will have to wait for the official confirmation regarding the cast from the creators as of now.

When is Black Mirror Season 7 coming out, and where to watch?

Black Mirror: Season 7 OTT Release Date TBD
Ted Lasso: Season 4 OTT Platform Netflix
Black Mirror: Season 7 cast Yet to be announced
Black Mirror: Season 7: Creator Charlie Brooker

While Black Mirror has been confirmed to return for Season 7 on Netflix, there has been no word regarding the release date for the upcoming season just yet. Not just that, due to the nature of the show, the cast of the show is expected to be completely different from the cast in previous seasons’ episodes as well. At the time of writing this, we do not have a confirmation on the number of episodes Season 7 will feature as well. In the past, Black Mirror seasons have delivered anywhere from 3 to 6 episodes. Notably, the show also released an interactive first-of-its-kind movie on Netflix, which allowed the viewers to take decisions for the protagonist, and on the basis of the decision, the respective storyline was shown to the viewer. The show has delivered surprises time and again with respect to storytelling techniques, and you can expect the same trend to continue in the upcoming season as well.

Black Mirror: Story so far

Black Mirror deals with multiple themes in its episodes, ranging from human connection, love, separation, fear, envy, and jealousy to ambition, the role of society, and the direction in which we could be heading in the near future of 10-15 years. While there are two episodes where storylines are connected, one aspect that binds all episodes in the series is the role of technology. Notably, the show refrains from making predictions too far in the future to make sure the users don’t feel the disconnect from the storyline. It simply tries to show slightly advanced forms of existing technology and uses satire to show how the natural flaws of humans could be severely exposed as the tech improvements reach a certain stage. Some critics even say that the show has an extremely pessimistic view of technology. Given how most episodes are given a sense of horror with regard to technology, this criticism does have a valid base, to say the least. What can be the theme of stories in Season 7? Well, at this point, your guess is as good as ours. While AI has been the headline-grabbing aspect of tech for most of 2023, it has been a prominent part of most Black Mirror episodes from Season 1, so we could instead see plotlines in some other direction altogether. We will simply have to wait and see which stories the brilliant writers of the show have in store for us.

Black Mirror Season 7: Trailer or leaked footage

As of now, there has been no official trailer released for Black Mirror Season 7. As the filming will most likely start next year, we could get to see more of the show in the coming months. So, stay tuned in.

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