Outer Banks Season 4: Release date, where to watch, and everything we know so far

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Outer Banks, a mystery teen drama that premiered back in 2020 on Netflix, has now developed a loyal fanbase around the world and ever since the third season of the series premiered back in February this year, fans have been eagerly waiting to hear about the next season of the hit show. While it has been confirmed that Outer Banks will be returning for a fourth season, with Netflix renewing the series for another year, there has been no official confirmation of a release date so far. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have an estimated timeline for the release. Check out more details below.

Is Outer Banks Season 4 happening?

In short, yes. Deadline confirmed that Outer Banks has been renewed for the fourth season, meaning that John B. Routledge and his friends will be continuing their story for now. Considering the popularity of the show, there was little doubt that it could be cancelled, but now that we have received official confirmation, we just need to wait patiently for the release date for the fourth season.

When is Outer Banks Season 4 coming out and where to watch?

Outer Banks Season 4 OTT Release Date Expected in early-mid 2024
Outer Banks Season 4 OTT Platform Netflix
Outer Banks Season 4 Expected Cast Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron, Jonathan Daviss as Pope, Madison Bailey as Kiara, Rudy, Pankow as the wildcard JJ, Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron, Austin North as Topper, Chase Stokes as John B, Carlacia Grant as Cleo.
Outer Banks Season 4 Creators Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke

If we follow the release pattern for the previous seasons of Outer Banks, the fourth season is likely to be released in early-mid 2024. However, we need to keep in mind that due to the strikes that happened earlier this year from Writer’s Guild of America and SAG AFTRA actors, the production for the fourth season of the show was temporarily shut down. As a result, the fourth season could actually be delayed to late 2024 or even early-mid 2025.

Outer Banks Season 4: Story so far

Outer Banks is an action-adventure drama that showcases interesting characters in even more interesting situations. While there are very few shows of this kind any more, this show doesn’t hesitate to offer a unique narrative, layered characters, and high production quality. In the gripping finale of Outer Banks Season 3, a three-season treasure hunt culminated with Sarah and John B. discovering El Dorado deep in the South American jungle. However, on their return, they end up meeting their adversaries, who were seeking the gold. Violent confrontations lead to a poignant funeral for Sarah and John B.’s father. While a new museum memorialising their exploits is shown to be on the verge of opening eighteen months into the future, Season 4 is set to introduce even higher stakes, shifting focus to the pursuit of the Eye of Ra, a powerful artefact. Poised on the brink of a journey beyond the Outer Banks, potentially to Egypt, the Pogues seek this fabled treasure, anticipating new challenges and adversaries that will test their limits and reshape the trajectory of their adventure.

Outer Banks Season 4: Trailer or leaked footage

As of now, there has been no official trailer released for Outer Banks Season 4 Season 4. While the production is already underway, we are yet to see an official trailer or even leaked footage. In the early months of next year, we can expect the official trailer to be released, which could be followed by a full-season release.

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