Leonardo DiCaprio Upcoming Movies: Know all about Leonardo DiCaprio’s next movie

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Leonardo DiCaprio: a name synonymous with Hollywood greatness. His talent knows no bounds, captivating audiences with every role he embodies. From the tender vulnerability in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” to the unforgettable Jack Dawson in “Titanic,” DiCaprio’s versatility as an actor is unparalleled. What truly sets him apart is his ability to become any character he portrays. Whether he’s the enigmatic Jay Gatsby in “The Great Gatsby,” the relentless fur trapper in “The Revenant,” or the complex Howard Hughes in “The Aviator,” DiCaprio’s commitment to his craft shines through in every performance. He has recently wowed the audience with his performance in Killers of the Flower Moon.

Now, we are looking forward to the next movie featuring Leonardo DiCaprio as we are sure that whatever he is working on will be worth the wait. In this article, we’ll be checking out all his upcoming movies that are in the works. These films promise to take us on thrilling journeys and showcase his extraordinary range as an actor. It also includes some of the movies that are still in the discussion stage and are still in the speculation stage.

Join us as we uncover details about all these highly anticipated movies from Leonardo DiCaprio.


Roosevelt is an upcoming English biographical and historical drama movie based on the former US President Theodore Roosevelt. The movie will be directed by Martin Scorsese and will star Leonardo DiCaprio in the leading role. Notably, this will be the 8th collaboration between the director and the actor, including the short film ‘The Audition’. The movie has been written by Scott Bloom and is currently in the pre-production stage. The movie will depict Roosevelt’s transformative journey, portraying his evolution from a privileged New York politician with a Harvard education to the robust leader of the Rough Riders. This path ultimately propelled him towards the New York governorship, vice presidency, and ultimately the White House following William McKinley’s assassination.

Roosevelt release date and trailer

There is no official release date for Roosevelt as of now, but it could be released as early as 2024. As of now, there has been no official trailer released for Roosevelt.

Directed by: Martin Scorsese

Jim Jones

Jim Jones is an upcoming movie that will star Leo Di Caprio in the leading role. As of now, the movie’s plot is under wraps, but Scott Rosenberg has written the script. Leonardo DiCaprio will be playing the title role in the movie and star as the 1970s religious cult leader who was behind the Jonestown mass suicide on November 18, 1978. To recall, this incident ended up taking more than 900 lives. In what he termed ‘revolutionary suicide’, a term Jones took from the novel by the same name by Huey Newton and the members of his inner circle planned and orchestrated a mass murder-suicide in his remote jungle commune at Jonestown, Guyana. It will be interesting to see Caprio’s take on this role as it is clearly a very dark character, which he hasn’t played in a long time, probably since Django Unchained.

Jim Jones’ release date and trailer

Jim Jones is currently in the pre-production stage, and there is no clarity as to when the movie will be released. As of now, there has been no official trailer released for Roosevelt.

The Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny, and Murder

The movie, based on the book of the same name by David Grann, will feature the director-actor combo of Leonardo Di Caprio and Martin Scorsese once again. The movie will showcase the events from 1740, when a British naval vessel, the Wager, is shipwrecked on a barren island near the tip of South America. The captain and crew face a harrowing struggle for survival, combating both severe weather conditions and the complexities of human nature as they strive to maintain order amidst the chaos. This is Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio’s second collaboration on an adaptation of a David Grann non-fiction novel, following Killers of the Flower Moon, which was released earlier this year. Just like the Killers of the Flower Moon, this movie will also be produced by Apple Studios.

The Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny, and Murder potential release date and trailer

While David Grann has confirmed that The Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny, and Murder will be the next project for Di Caprio and Scorsese, there has been no confirmed release timeline for the movie.

Movie Director Release Date
Roosevelt Martin Scorsese TBA
The Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny, and Murder Martin Scorsese TBA
Jim Jones TBA

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