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Xochitl Gomez, an American actress, began her acting career at the young age of five. She demonstrated her talent by participating in numerous local musical theater productions and student films. Gomez entered the professional realm with the television sitcom Raven’s Home in 2018. She gained wider recognition for her roles in the Netflix comedy series The Baby-Sitters Club (2020) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022), where she played America Chavez. In 2023, she became the celebrity winner of Dancing with the Stars America Season 32. Xochitl Gomez’s body of work is making heads turn. To make it easy for her fans, we have compiled a list of the ten best Xochitl Gomez movies and TV shows ranked per their IMDb rating.

10 Best Xochitl Gomez Movies and TV Shows According to IMDb rating 

You’re the Worst

IMDb Rating: 8.1

In 2019, Xochitl Gomez made a brief appearance in the comedy series You’re the Worst, playing the character of the Eclipse Kid in a single episode. The show offers a contemporary perspective on love and happiness, conveyed by two individuals who have struggled to succeed in these areas. It is a unique comedy series created by Stephen Falk, who also serves as the writer and executive producer. It cleverly subverts the traditional romantic comedy genre by infusing it with a dark and unconventional twist.


  • Xochitl Gomez (One Episode)
  • Chris Geere
  • Aya Cash
  • Desmin Borges
  • Kether Donohue
Category Television Series
Created by Stephen Falk
Release July 17, 2014
Running Time minutes

The Wetback 

IMDb Rating: 8.1

The Wetback Behind the Scenes

The Wetback was selected as the official selection for the Madrid International Film Festival in 2018, and it received the special mention award of merit in the Best Shorts Competition category. A. P. Gonzalez was awarded Best Director at the Arrow International Film Festival for this short film. An eccentric woman takes the body of a handsome “illegal” home after it is discovered; the immigrant community must collect it without involving the authorities; this is the crux of The Wetback. As the plot thickens, an alarming family secret becomes apparent. Xochitl Gomez essayed the character of Teresa in it. The Wetback is set in a working-class Latino neighborhood, where the emotional experiences of the characters are portrayed with the exact authenticity as their objective reality.


  • Harold Cannon
  • Xochitl Gomez
  • Tina D’Marco
  • Alex Favela
  • Mauricio Lara
  • Eláyne Paola
  • Luis Enrique Navarro
  • Amador Plascencia
  • Octavio Solorio
  • Victor Ramirez
  • Shaula Vega
Category Short Film
Directed by A.P. Gonzalez
Release 2018
Running Time 17 minutes

The Letter 

IMDb Rating: 7.6

Jazmin Aguilar wrote, directed, and produced The Letter. Ofelia Guevara and Juan Guevara served as the executive producers for the 2020 short film. It is available on Amazon Prime Video to stream in the U.S. Xochitl Gomez essayed the central character, Marcela, in it. The tale of “The Letter” is set in 1980s Mexico and revolves around two siblings who come across an airmail letter from their father, who is currently absent. The two must decide whether reading the letter will ultimately positively or negatively impact the family.


  • Xochitl Gomez
  • Ottoniel Mejia
  • Justin Vasquez
  • Stephanie Terronez
Category Short Film
Directed by Jazmin Aguilar
Release 2020
Running Time 14 minutes

The Baby-Sitters Club 

IMDb Rating: 7.5

The Baby-Sitters Club is based on the children’s novel series of the same name by Ann M. Martin. The series was lauded for its faithfulness to the source material and appeal to modern audiences. The series revolves around the friendship and exciting escapades of five middle-schoolers who embark on a babysitting venture in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. Xochitl Gomez portrayed the character Dawn Schafer in the show’s first season.


  • Xochitl Gomez
  • Sophie Grace
  • Shay Rudolph
  • Momona Tamada
  • Malia Baker
  • Mark Feuerstein
  • Alicia Silverstone
  • Anais Lee
  • Kyndra Sanchez
  • Vivian Watson
Category Television Series
Created by Rachel Shukert
Release July 3, 2020
Running Time 22–27 minutes


IMDb Rating: 7.4

Xochitl Gomez portrayed the character of Young Ana Morales in the comedy-drama Gentefied. The story revolves around three Mexican-American cousins who face the challenge of pursuing the American Dream. However, this very dream threatens the things they cherish the most: their neighborhood, their immigrant grandfather, and the family taco shop. The series was filmed using a single-camera setup and is available for streaming on Netflix. Gentefied received a nomination for the Outstanding Comedy Series category at the 33rd GLAAD Media Awards in 2022.


  • Xochitl Gomez (One Episode)
  • Joaquín Cosío
  • J.J. Soria
  • Karrie Martin Lachney
  • Carlos Santos
Category Television Series
Created by Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez
Release February 21, 2020
Running Time 25–34 minutes

Raven’s Home 

IMDb Rating: 7.2

In 2018, Xochitl Gomez appeared in the family-oriented sitcom Raven’s Home, playing the part of a school journalist in one of the episodes. From the beginning, the series received multiple award nominations across different categories. In 2018, it took home the BMI Film, TV & Visual Media Awards in the BMI Cable Television Music Awards category.


  • Xochitl Gomez (One Episode)
  • Raven-Symoné
  • Issac Ryan Brown
  • Navia Robinson
  • Jason Maybaum
  • Sky Katz
Category Television Series
Created by Michael Poryes and Susan Sherman
Release July 21, 2017
Running Time 22–24 minutes

Matty Paz Is a Noob

IMDb Rating:  7.2

Matty Paz is an intriguing tale that revolves around its titular character, an exceptional geek and highly skilled gamer. He possesses a unique perspective on life, viewing it through the lens of a video game. It is his first day of middle school, and he is determined to use all of his skills to excel! In the show, Xochitl Gomez played the role of Lily.


  • Xochitl Gomez (One Episode)
  • Izzy Newman
  • Camryn Cregger
  • Nicholas Duran
Category Series
Directed by Kim Rocco Shields
Release 2018
Running Time 3-5 minutes

Light As A Feather 

IMDb Rating: 7

This short horror film, directed by Lisa J. Dooley, pays tribute to Nickelodeon’s ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’. In the movie, Zoe and Devin cannot sleep after a ghost story is shared during an all-girl sleepover. Are the Jessup Girls real, or have their imaginations become untamed? Light as a Feather can be rented on Amazon Prime Video for $2.99 or purchased for $9.99. Xochitl Gomez portrays the central character, Zoe, in it.


  • Xochitl Gomez
  • Flynn Sherwood
  • Symera Jackson
  • Kasey Inez
  • Calista Bess
  • Madeline McMahan
  • Victoria Montoya
Category Short Film
Directed by Lisa J Dooley
Release 2018
Running Time 7 minutes

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

IMDb Rating:  6.9

After playing the role of America Chavez in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness (2022), the seventeen-year-old actress Xochitl Gomez became an overnight sensation. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a film that carries the burden of the vast Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, it benefits from Sam Raimi’s unique and captivating directing style, which adds an enjoyable touch to the overall experience. Xochitl Gomez aimed to stay faithful to the source material even though she portrayed a younger character version than the comics. Marvel Studios had been searching for the perfect film to introduce the character of America Chavez for quite some time before ultimately deciding on Multiverse of Madness.


  • Xochitl Gomez
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Elizabeth Olsen
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor
  • Benedict Wong
  • Michael Stuhlbarg
  • Rachel McAdams
Category Movie
Directed by Sam Raimi
Release May 2, 2022 (Dolby Theatre)/ May 6, 2022 (United States)
Running Time 126 minutes

Boob Sweat 

IMDb Rating: 6.3

The producers of Boob Sweat are Abdel Eleish and Brooke Ross, with Gillian Annis serving as the associate producer. In the short film, during the Summer of 1976, Francis and her two best friends devise a creative but misguided plan to kiss the coolest boys in the 7th grade. As they embark on this journey, they are confronted with their pubescent awkwardness and learn to embrace it. Xochitl Gomez plays Francis. The crew behind this 14-minute short film includes Camila Prisco Paraiso as the cinematographer, Kristi Delasia as the editor, and Curtis Green as the music composer.


  • Xochitl Gomez
  • Julius Lambrecht
  • Abigayle Lenzinger
  • Helena Mulholland
  • Charlie R Parker
  • Samuel Parker
Category Short Film
Directed by Charlotte Guerry
Release 2018
Running Time 14 minutes

Top Xochitl Gomez Movies and TV Shows

Best Xochitl Gomez Movies and TV Shows Ranked

Category Title Release Genre IMDb Rating
Television Series You’re the Worst July 17, 2014 Comedy Drama, Romantic Comedy, Black Comedy 8.1
Short Film The Wetback 2018 Drama, Fantasy 8.1
Short Film The Letter 2018 Comedy, Drama 7.6
Television Series The Baby-Sitters Club July 3, 2020 Comedy, Drama 7.5
Television Series Gentefied February 21, 2020 Comedy, Drama 7.4
Television Series Raven’s Home July 21, 2017 Family, Sitcom 7.2
Series Matty Paz Is a Noob 2018 Comedy 7.2
Short Film Light As A Feather 2018 Young Adult Audience, Horror 7
Movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness May 2, 2022 (Dolby Theatre)/ May 6, 2022 (United States) Superhero 6.9
Short Film Boob Sweat 2018 Comedy 6.3

Other Popular Xochitl Gomez Movies and TV Shows According to IMDb Rating

Category Title Release Genre IMDb Rating
Movie Interwoven April 30, 2016 (Hill Country)/ July 1, 2016 Drama 6.3
Short Film G.I. Jose 2017 Drama 6.3
Mini Series Evil Things September 15, 2017 Horror 5.8
Movie Roped May 2, 2020 Drama, Romance 5.5
Show Dancing with the Stars Season 32 September 26, 2023 Reality TV 4.8
Movie Shadow Wolves 2019 Suspense, Adventure, Bold, Gritty 3.3


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