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Even though Warrior has just ended for the second time, it may be revived a second time with the right luck!  In its first two seasons, the martial arts series aired on Cinemax before the network ceased original programming. Max picked up the show for a third season, but Deadline reports the streaming service cancelled it. 

Even though fans may be disappointed with this news, there is still hope. In a co-exclusive deal with Max, Warrior will premiere on Netflix in February 2024. Several HBO shows have moved to Netflix, including Insecure and Six Feet Under, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Warrior gets the same treatment. Nevertheless, people may be more inclined to check out Warrior once it arrives.

Warrior could potentially be renewed for Season 4 by Netflix if it does well on the service. The show could live on to fight another day if it finds a new fanbase that wants to see more. In a statement, Warrior creator Jonathan Tropper sounded optimistic stating, “Warrior is a show that simply refuses to die. Through platform and regime changes, the writers, producers, cast, crew, and our stunt team continued to make something powerful, relevant, and wildly unique. And now, thanks to Netflix, we’ve been given yet another lease on life, and I’m thrilled for everyone involved that millions more viewers around the world will discover it.”

Netflix saving another show?

In the past, Netflix has been known for cancelling anything that isn’t an overnight sensation. The streaming service also knows when a show has interest after other networks have given up on it. Many cancelled shows have been saved by Netflix before, such as Lucifer and Manifest. With its series, the platform has also corrected course. In response to a passionate outcry from fans, Netflix has cancelled Warrior Nun after two seasons.

Warrior Storyline

There is a lot of pedigree behind Warrior. Based on an original concept by Bruce Lee, it also has Justin Lin who is the director of Star Trek Beyond and F9 as an executive producer. Also a part of this project is Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter. The narrative follows the Tong Wars in the late 1870s in San Francisco. Martial arts prodigy Ah Sahm is the protagonist of the story who emigrates from China and is looking for his sister, only to be sold to one of the most powerful tongs in Chinatown.

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