10 TV shows like Reacher you should watch (December 2023)

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Reacher has quickly become one of the most popular web series in the world, and with its second season, the show has captured the attention of viewers. For the uninitiated, the show introduces audiences to the enigmatic and resourceful Jack Reacher, a former U.S. Army Military Police Major with a knack for investigation and combat expertise. As the show features a lot of drama, suspense, and thriller elements, it is an exciting watch. For those craving narratives intertwined with complex conspiracies and formidable protagonists, here are TV shows that resonate with the essence of Jack Reacher’s adventures.

The Punisher

Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ immerses viewers in the world of Frank Castle, portrayed by Jon Bernthal. Castle, a former Marine, seeks retribution for the murder of his family, transforming into the vigilante known as The Punisher. The series masterfully explores Castle’s moral complexities, trauma, and unwavering pursuit of justice. Through intense action sequences and a gritty narrative, the show delves into the toll of vigilantism and the blurred lines between heroism and vigilantism.


  • Thomas Jane as Frank Castle / The Punisher
  • John Travolta as Howard Saint
  • Will Patton as Quentin Glass
  • Roy Scheider as Frank Castle Sr.
  • Laura Harring as Livia Saint
  • Ben Foster as Dave
IMDb Rating  8.5/10
Director  Steve Lightfoot
Release date  November 6, 2017
Running years  2017-2019
Genre  Action | Drama | Crime
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Based on Michael Connelly’s novels, ‘Bosch’ centers on LAPD detective Harry Bosch, portrayed by Titus Welliver. The series unfolds in the city of Los Angeles, where Bosch tackles intricate cases while navigating personal and professional challenges. With a brooding atmosphere and meticulous crime investigations, the show captures Bosch’s relentless pursuit of justice and his commitment to uncovering the truth, delivering engaging storytelling and complex character dynamics.


  • Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch
  • Jamie Hector as Jerry Edgar
  • Amy Aquino as Lt. Grace Billets
  • Lance Reddick as Irvin Irving
  • Madison Lintz as Maddie Bosch
  • Sarah Clarke as Eleanor Wish
  • Jason Gedrick as Raynard Waits
  • Jeri Ryan as Veronica Allen
  • Annie Wersching as Julia Brasher
IMDb Rating  8.5/10
Director  Eric Ellis Overmyer
Release date  February 6, 2014
Running years  2014 – 2021
Genre  Drama | Crime
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Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan, inspired by Tom Clancy’s iconic character, centers on CIA analyst Jack Ryan, played by John Krasinski. The show navigates Ryan’s transformation from a desk-bound analyst to a field operative, thrust into global threats and geopolitical challenges. With a mix of espionage, action, and political intrigue, the series showcases Ryan’s intellect, determination, and commitment to protecting the nation against looming dangers.


  • John Krasinski as Jack Ryan
  • Wendell Pierce as James Greer
  • Abbie Cornish as Cathy Mueller
  • Ali Suliman as Mousa bin Suleiman
  • Dina Shihabi as Hanin Ali
  • John Hoogenakker as Matice
  • Noomi Rapace as Harriet “Harry” Baumann (Season 2)
  • Michael Kelly as Mike November (Season 2)
IMDb Rating  8.0/10
Creators  Carlton Cuse, Graham Roland
Release date  August 31, 2018
Running years  2018 – 2023
Genre  Action | Drama | Thriller
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The Terminal List

Based on Jack Carr’s novel, ‘The Terminal List’ follows Navy SEAL James Reece, portrayed by Chris Pratt. Reece’s life takes a drastic turn after his team is ambushed, leading him to embark on a relentless quest for truth and justice. The series intricately weaves together themes of betrayal, loyalty, and the consequences of unearthing dark secrets, presenting a high-stakes narrative driven by Reece’s determination and combat prowess. The show features compelling performances that anchor the intense and gripping narrative. Chris Pratt leads with a strong portrayal of James Reece, a Navy SEAL seeking justice after a tragic incident during a mission. Pratt’s performance effectively captures Reece’s inner turmoil, determination, and the complexities of navigating a world fraught with conspiracy and danger.


  • Chris Pratt as James Reece
  • Constance Wu
  • Taylor Kitsch
  • Jeanne Tripplehorn
  • Riley Keough
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger
  • Alexis Louder
IMDb Rating  7.9/10
Creators  Chris Pratt, David DiGilio, Antoine Fuqua, Jack Carr, Jon Schumacher, Daniel Shattuck, David Auge
Release date  June 30, 2022
Running time  2022 – Present
Genre  Action | Drama | Thriller
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City on a Hill

Set in 1990s Boston, ‘City on a Hill’ follows assistant district attorney Decourcy Ward, played by Aldis Hodge, and FBI veteran Jackie Rohr, portrayed by Kevin Bacon. The show delves into the volatile dynamics between the two as they form an uneasy alliance to combat corrupt law enforcement and criminal elements. Against the backdrop of a gritty and corrupt Boston, the series explores themes of justice, power struggles, and the pursuit of truth. The show is often praised for its strong performances, particularly from its lead actors. Kevin Bacon’s portrayal of Jackie Rohr, a corrupt FBI veteran, is marked by his charisma and complexity. Bacon embodies Rohr’s morally ambiguous nature, showcasing the character’s manipulative tendencies and inner conflicts as he navigates the criminal landscape of Boston.


  • Kevin Bacon as Jackie Rohr
  • Aldis Hodge as Decourcy Ward
  • Jonathan Tucker as Frankie Ryan
  • Mark O’Brien as Jimmy Ryan
  • Lauren E. Banks as Siobhan Quays
  • Amanda Clayton as Cathy Ryan
  • Jill Hennessy as Jenny Rohr
  • Kevin Chapman as Dickie Minogue
  • Jere Shea as Hank Signa
  • Sarah Shahi as Rachel Benham
IMDb Rating  7.6/10
Creator  Chuck MacLean
Release date  June 7, 2019
Running years  2019 – 2022
Genre  Crime | Drama | Thriller
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‘See’ paints a captivating post-apocalyptic world where a virus has left humanity blind. Jason Momoa leads the series as Baba Voss, a tribal leader in a society where sight is considered a myth. The show intricately explores themes of survival, power struggles, and the quest for knowledge, delivering a visually stunning narrative set in a society redefined by a loss of vision. See” features powerful performances that bring depth and emotion to the narrative. Jason Momoa delivers a compelling portrayal as Baba Voss, a fierce warrior and leader navigating a world where sight is a myth. Momoa’s performance captures Voss’ strength, vulnerability, and protective instincts, grounding the character in a complex and challenging world.


  • Jason Momoa as Baba Voss
  • Sylvia Hoeks as Queen Kane
  • Alfre Woodard as Paris
  • Hera Hilmar as Maghra
  • Christian Camargo as Tamacti Jun
  • Archie Madekwe as Kofun
  • Nesta Cooper as Haniwa
  • Yadira Guevara-Prip as Bow Lion
IMDb Rating  7.6/10
Director  Steven Knight
Release date  November 1, 2019
Running years  2019 – 2022
Genre  Action | Drama | Sci-Fi
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‘Absentia’ centers on FBI agent Emily Byrne, played by Stana Katic, who reappears years after her disappearance, unable to recall the events that led to her abduction. As she navigates the aftermath and unearths shocking truths, Byrne becomes embroiled in a complex web of dark secrets and conspiracies. The series offers a gripping blend of psychological intrigue, suspenseful storytelling, and a compelling exploration of Byrne’s journey to reclaim her life. The acting in the show has been praised for its depth and intensity. Stana Katic, in particular, delivers a compelling performance as Emily Byrne, a former FBI agent who disappears and is declared dead, only to reappear years later with no memory of her captivity.


  • Stana Katic as Emily Byrne
  • Patrick Heusinger as Nick Durand
  • Cara Theobold as Alice Durand
  • Neil Jackson as Jack Byrne
  • Angel Bonanni as Tommy Gibbs
  • Richard Brake as Conrad Harlow
  • Ralph Ineson as Special Agent Adam Radford
  • Patrick McAuley as Flynn Durand
  • Paul Freeman as Warren Byrne
  • Bruno Bichir as Daniel Vega
IMDB Rating  7.2/10
Creator  Matthew Cirulnick, Gaia Violo
Release date  September 25, 2017
Running years  2017 – 2020
Genre  Crime | Drama | Mystery
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‘Treadstone’ dives into the covert CIA program that turns recruits into highly skilled assassins. The series unveils the origins of the program and its sleeper agents, interweaving multiple storylines across different timelines and locations. Through intense action sequences and global conspiracies, the show explores the moral complexities and consequences of weaponizing human potential. The acting in the show is marked by its authenticity and the physicality brought to the performances, fitting for a high-octane action thriller. Jeremy Irvine portrays J. Randolph Bentley with a blend of intensity and vulnerability, embodying the character’s journey from a bewildered operative to someone grappling with his past.


  • Jeremy Irvine as J. Randolph Bentley
  • Brian J. Smith as Doug McKenna
  • Omar Metwally as Matt Edwards
  • Tracy Ifeachor as Tara Coleman
  • Han Hyo-joo as SoYun Pak
  • Gabrielle Scharnitzky as Petra
  • Emilia Schüle as Young Petra
  • Michelle Forbes as Ellen Becker
IMDb Rating  6.9/10
Creator  Tim Kring
Release date  September 24, 2019
Running year  2019
Genre  Action
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The TV adaptation of the ‘Taken’ film franchise revolves around Bryan Mills, portrayed by Clive Standen, a former Green Beret with a unique set of skills. Mills, equipped with unparalleled combat abilities, undertakes daring missions to rescue hostages and confront international threats. The show combines high-octane action with emotional depth, exploring Mills’ personal struggles amidst his quest for justice.


  • Clive Standen as Bryan Mills
  • Jennifer Beals as Christina Hart
  • Gaius Charles as John
  • Brooklyn Sudano as Asha Flynn
  • Monique Gabriela Curnen as Vlasik
  • Michael Irby as Scott
IMDb Rating  6.6/10
Creators  Luc Besson, Alexander Cary
Release date  February 27, 2017
Running years  2017-2018
Genre  Action | Drama | Thriller
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The Oath

‘The Oath’ delves into the shadowy world of corrupt police officers and their ties to organized crime. The series offers a gritty portrayal of law enforcement’s darker side, exploring moral dilemmas, loyalty, and the blurred lines between right and wrong. As characters navigate the complexities of the corrupt system, the show provides a compelling examination of the price of loyalty and the challenges of maintaining integrity in a world riddled with deceit.


  • Ryan Kwanten as Steve Hammond
  • Katrina Law as Karen Beach
  • Cory Hardrict as Cole Hammond
  • J. Soria as Pete Ramos
  • Arlen Escarpeta as Damon Byrd
  • Joseph Julian Soria as Ramos
  • Elisabeth Röhm as Gwenn Hammond
  • Kwame Patterson as Neckbone
  • Michael Malarkey as Sam Foster
IMDb Rating 6.4/10
Creator Joe Halpin
Release date March 8, 2018
Running years 2018 – 2019
Genre Crime | Drama
Where to Watch SonyLiv

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