10 Best Millie Bobby Brown Movies and TV shows

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Over the last many years, Millie Bobby Brown’s work has been recognized both by the critics and the audience for her versatility. In recent years, her social media presence has grown significantly, leading her to many appearances in shows and films. Today, she is one of the most recognizable celebrities among younger audiences and has made a prominent name in the dynamic landscape of pop culture. Below are some of Millie Bobby Brown’s films and TV shows you must watch.

Stranger Things

IMDb Rating: 9.6/10

Considered to be one of the gripping sci-fi horror series, Stranger Things is set against the backdrop of Indiana in the 1980s. A group of kids are on a quest to help Will Byers, who has been missing, and on their journey, they come across a girl, Elevent, with special powers who tells them about the existence of a parallel dimension. Meanwhile, a government conspiracy is revealed, and they soon find out about the unethical experiments, which eventually leads them to strengthen their friendship and become brave enough to confront creatures from the world called Upside Down.

Where to Watch: Netflix


  • Millie Bobby Brown
  • BrownFinn Wolfhard
  • Winona Ryder
Director Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer
Run Time 50-minute episodes
Release Year 2016-2025

Modern Family

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

Revolving around three unique families, Modern Family takes us into the lives of the Pritchetts, the Dunphys, and the Cam-Tuckers. They are connected with each other and enjoy the complexities of modern family life. Packed with humour and a lot of love, the show focuses on many challenges and explores subjects like family dynamics, generational differences, ups and downs of life, etc. Millie Bobby Brown is not a part of the main cast; however, she makes a mark with her cameo appearance as a young neighbour in one of the episodes.

Where to Watch: Hulu


  • Millie Bobby Brown (Cameo)
  • Sofia Vergara
  • Ed O’Neil
Director Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd
Run Time Each episode is 22-minutes
Release Year 2009-2020


IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

Millie Bobby Brown made a special appearance in the 12th season of NCIS and played the role of an innocent teenage girl, Rachel, who has a dark secret. With her own show within the show, she became a part of the story showcasing human behavior when she kills her mother due to a familial dispute. Her role in NCIS was appreciated and the show revolved around interesting investigations and dramas of a team led by Leroy Jethro Gibbs, skilled at handling cases for U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

Where to Watch: CBS | Netflix


  • Millie Bobby Brown (Cameo)
  • David McCallum
  • Sean Murray
  • Mark Harmon
Director Donald P. Bellisario and Don McGill
Run Time 1-hour episodes
Release Year 2003-Present

Grey’s Anatomy

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

Though Millie Bobby Brown did not have a main role in the show, she is considered to have made a notable guest appearance in Season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy. The episode showcases her as Ruby who is trapped along with her injured mother in a building that collapsed due to a major earthquake in Seattle. Her role here is pivotal, as she frantically calls Dr. Owen Hunt and her team to guide her through the rescue efforts. Critics noted her acting skills as emotional and her appearance left an impression among the fans of the show.

Where to Watch: Disney+


  • Millie Bobby Brown (Cameo)
  • Chandra Wilson
  • James Pickens Jr.
  • Ellen Pompeo
Director Shonda Rhimes
Run Time 40 min episodes
Release Year 2005-Present

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

Presented as an interesting story, Camp Cretaceous is about six teenagers who have found an opportunity to visit Isla Nublar to attend an adventure camp. This gets interesting when the kids find out about the island being featured in Jurassic Park, however, as they embark on the journey, they soon find out that it has turned into a battle for survival as they are stranded alongside escaped dinosaurs from the park. What follows are several efforts to get out of the jungle, face hidden mysteries, form a bond with each other and overcome obstacles. In this film, Millie Bobby Brown has given the voice to Yasmina Fadera, one of the significant characters as a resourceful teenager.

Where to Watch: Netflix


  • Millie Bobby Brown (Cameo)
  • Paul-Mikél Williams
  • Kausar Mohammed
  • Raini Rodriguez
Director Zack Stentz
Run Time 20 min episodes
Release Year 2020-2024


IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

Considered to be one of the popular non-conventional releases, Spheres is a virtual reality (VR) experience, presented in three parts, with Millie’s narration. The show takes on an immersive experience of the cosmos, and with VR, it transports the viewers through space and time. Critics have noted that the film was a breathtaking exploration of the universe and appreciated Millie’s guidance. All three chapters highlight several concepts, making this cosmos experience interesting and enjoyable.

Where to Watch: TBA


  • Millie Bobby Brown (Cameo)
  • Jessica Chastain
  • Patti Smith
Director Eliza McNitt
Run Time 45 min
Release Year 2018

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland

IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

Presented as a twist to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, this release is about a young woman who is back into the dangerous world of Wonderland ruled by Cora, the Queen of Hearts. Along with her mates, Alice makes her way into this corrupted world and comes across several secrets and confrontations. Makers of the show has explored the themes of memory, storytelling, battles, vulnerability and more. Millie Bobby Brown plays a small role as Young Alice in this representation of the classic tale.

Where to Watch: Disney+| Apple TV


  • Millie Bobby Brown (Cameo)
  • Sophie Lowe
  • Peter Gadior
Director Jane Espenson, Zack Estrin, Adam Horowtiz
Run Time 43 min
Release Year 2013-2014

Enola Holmes

IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

Set in the time zone of 1884, Enola Holmes is about a girl named Enola, who is the youngest among all siblings in the Holmes household. Her mother is missing, and she sets on a mission to locate her using her unconventional intelligence. However, norms in the society and the dynamics in the family, especially with Sherlock and Mycroft, help her get hold of clues that can navigate her into a web leading to a secret society. What follows are experiences in an adventure where she comes across ways to find her own path, making this story an interesting coming-of-age mystery.

Where to Watch: Netflix


  • Millie Bobby Brown (Cameo)
  • Henry Cavill
  • Sam Claflin
Director Harry Bradbeer
Run Time 2h 30 min
Release Year 2020


IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

Millie Bobby Brown had a guest role in one of the episodes of Intruders, the premise of which follows a secret society that works on taking over other people’s bodies after death. The lead character of the show, Jack Whelan, is an ex-LAPD detective who is on a search for his missing wife, believed to be connected to the community and a ruthless member of the same group working only to find new hosts for returning souls. Makers have explored subjects like immortality, sacrifice, struggle, survival and more.

Where to Watch: Hulu


  • Millie Bobby Brown (Cameo)
  • James Frain
  • Tory Kittles
Director Glen Morgan
Run Time 45m episodes
Release Date August 23, 2014

Godzilla vs. Kong

IMDb Rating: 6/10

Madison Russell is a resourceful teenager who is working hard towards protecting and understanding Godzilla, as she believes it not to be a threat. She joins hands with a conspiracy theorist and a friend to find out the mystery behind Godzilla’s aggression and the agenda of a powerful corporation working towards developing creatures that control the Titans. A conflict begins, and this leads to ways Madison and her allies find ways to stop the extinction of the legendary creatures, thereby saving humanity.

Where to Watch: Netflix| Max


  • Millie Bobby Brown (Cameo)
  • Alexander Skarsgård
  • Rebecca Hall
Director Adam Wingard
Run Time 1h 53min
Release Year March 24, 2021

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