Pixar Has A Fresh Update About Cars 4

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In recent developments, there have been rumors that Pixar is planning to revive the Cars franchise with Cars 4 and a number of spinoffs. Jay Ward, creative director of Pixar Animation Studios’ Cars franchise, hinted at the much-anticipated sequel to 2017’s Cars 3. 

In an interview with The Lake Brake Show on YouTube, Ward revealed that several Cars projects are in the works. In both Cars and Cars 3, Ward served as character manager, art coordinator, and voice contributor. Due to his profound knowledge and passion for automobiles, Ward is widely regarded as the guardian of the Cars franchise, which happened after he joined Pixar in late 1998.

Why Do We Need Cars 4? 

Since 2017, producer Kevin Reher has hinted at the possibility of a fourth main-series film based on the Cars franchise. Speaking about the challenges of creating a sequel, Reher explained to reporters, “As long as there’s a good story to tell, it’s worth investing. We do love these characters, we love them as much as the public does.” 

As Cars 3 ended, Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, handed over the torch to a younger and fiercer vehicle, mirroring the classic narrative of a seasoned athlete taking on a newcomer. Lightning McQueen may have a mentoring role in Cars 4, guiding and competing with his former protégé Cruz Ramirez, voiced by Cristela Alonzo. 

Despite Disney CEO Bob Iger recently expressing concern about Pixar making too many sequels, Pixar continues reviving the Cars franchise. Cars premiered in 2006, followed by sequels in 2011 and 2017, with a spin-off titled Planes coming out in 2013 and receiving its sequel in 2014. In addition to four stand-alone short films, Cars Toons was a series of animated shorts that ran on Disney Channel, Toon Disney, and ABC Family between 2008 and 2014. Earlier this year, Disney+ premiered a series of eight-minute shorts based on the Cars franchise, called Cars on the Road.

Where Can You Watch Cars 3? 

You can find all Pixar movies streaming on Disney+ right now. You can tune into the streaming giant right now to watch all the Cars movies. In the movie Cars, anthropomorphic cars populate the world. Lightning McQueen, a selfish and arrogant young racecar, is stranded in a forgotten town along Route 66 called Radiator Springs, where he learns about friendship and reevaluates his priorities through the sports comedy film. Originally targeting a younger audience, the movie can be enjoyable for adults as well.

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