A Shop for Killers K-Drama: Release Date, Storyline, cast and everything we know

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In a thrilling kickoff to 2024, K-Drama enthusiasts are in for a treat as the small screen welcomes the charismatic Lee Kwang-soo in the highly anticipated series, A Shop for Killers. There are already shows like Death Game, Welcome to Samdalri and My Demon, that have a few episodes coming in January and this new show will only add to the excitement. A Shop for Killers is  highly anticipated show and serves as a spin-off to the 2022 TVN hit, A Killer’s Shopping List. A Killer’s Shopping List had a gripping narrative that intricately wove the tale of a local supermarket’s involvement with a mysterious killer and fans are expecting something similar for the upcoming show.

A Shop for Killers Release Date

It is expected that many new shows will be announced for January. Many platforms are in the process of sharing their slate for this month. A Shop for Killer is definitely one show to add to the watchlist given that it is a spinoff of an interesting show and stars Lee Kwang-soo, known for his performance in Tale of the Nine Tailed and Goblin. The show will premiere on Disney+ and Hulu on January 17, 2024.

A Shop for Killers Cast

The following actors are expected to be a part of A Shop for Killers

  • Lee Dong-wook as Jeong Jin-man
  • Kim Hye-joon as Jeong Ji-an
  • Kim Min
  • Lee Tae-young
  • Seo Hyun-woo as Lee Sung-jo
  • Geum Hae-na as Min-hye
  • Jo Han-sun
  • Park Ji-bin as Bae Jung-min

A Shop for Killers Trailer

We are waiting for Disney+ to release the official trailer of the show and shall be updating the same once it is shared. Disney+ has shared only the teaser and a couple of posters so far. You can check the teaser here:

A Shop for Killers Number of Episodes

Most K-dramas have 16 episodes but according to MyDramaList, this show is expected to have only half of them. We are still not clear on whether all eight episodes of A Shop for Killers will be available together or will they be dropping weekly. There is also a trend of sharing episodes in two parts. If that is followed there are chances that the first four episodes are available on the said date and another date is announced for the second part. Honestly, we prefer to binge watch a show in one go and will prefer if Disney+ does not give into such Shenanigans are give us all episodes in one go.

A Shop for Killers Storyline

In the upcoming K-Drama sensation, “A Shop for Killers,” viewers are set to be entranced by the gripping narrative of Jung Ji-an as she unravels the enigmatic shadows lingering behind her uncle’s shopping mall after his untimely demise. Jung Ji-an’s life has been marred by tragedy, from the haunting memories of her father’s heinous act to her uncle, Jung Jin-man, providing a semblance of stability through ownership of a shopping center. As Ji-an grows into adulthood and forges ahead with her college education, a new chapter unfolds when she receives the disheartening news of her uncle’s passing.

Returning home to settle his affairs, Ji-an discovers that the shopping mall is merely a facade for her uncle’s hidden and perilous profession. While the official narrative suggests her uncle’s demise as suicide, Ji-an, trusting her instincts and intimate knowledge of him, senses a more sinister truth beneath the surface. The drama takes an intriguing turn as Ji-an grapples with the mysterious legacy left behind, questioning the authenticity of her uncle’s supposed suicide.


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With an ominous tagline, “The dangerous inheritance uncle left. Will you continue to run the shopping mall?” the series teases the complex web of secrets surrounding Jung Ji-an’s family legacy. As Ji-an delves deeper into her uncle’s true identity, the unfolding drama promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, posing questions about the real nature of her uncle’s profession, the potential threats looming over Ji-an, and the ultimate decision she must make.

In the blink of an eye, the narrative takes an intense turn as Ji-an finds herself thrust into a world of gunfire and violence, awakening long-buried training from her past. As the plot thickens, “A Shop for Killers” hints at a tale of suspense, danger, and the resilience of a young woman thrust into a perilous inheritance, all set against the backdrop of a clandestine world hidden behind the façade of a shopping mall. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as Ji-an navigates through the twists and turns of her uncle’s dark legacy, raising the stakes in this heart-pounding K-Drama.

A Shop for Killers Review and Rating 

The reviews for A Shop for killers and its IMDb rating will be available once the show will be out. We shall be updating the same in real time, so watch out this space for more.

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