Michael Jackson Biopic: Release Date, Latest News, and Everything Else to Know

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In the coming weeks, Michael, the biopic about Michael Jackson starring Jaafar Jackson, will be released in theaters around the world. It has been directed by Oscar-winning director of photography Dion Beebe, produced by Barbara Ling, dressed by Marci Rodgers, choreographed by Rich + Tone, supervised by Oscar-nominated makeup artist Bill Corso, hair stylist Carla Farmer, supervised by Oscar-winning sound and music supervisor John Warhurst and VFX supervisor Louis Morin, along with over 420 other crew members. 

After working on Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator together, Logan and King reunited for this film. The Michael Jackson estate granted King access to the multi-Grammy winner’s music so he could make the movie. The movie was acquired by Lionsgate in February 2022.

Michael Jackson Biopic Release Date – When Can We See It?

Stateside, Lionsgate will release the movie on April 18, 2025, while Universal will handle overseas distribution.

Michael Jackson Biopic Cast Members

So far, we know that Jaafar Jackson has been hired to play the role of the legendary pop singer. The singer is the son of Jermaine Jackson, formerly of the Jackson 5 and now a solo artist. Jaafar has been singing and dancing since he was 12 years old, singing tunes from Sam Cooke to Marvin Gaye. Details about the rest of the cast members are yet to be revealed. 

Michael Jackson Biopic Storyline – What’s the plot? 

We can expect the narrative to follow Jackson’s life closely. Speaking about the same, Added Adam Fogelson, Chair of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group said, “Michael Jackson was inarguably one of the greatest entertainers of all time. His impact on music, video, art, fashion, culture – and so much more – was extraordinary and is still profoundly relevant. I can’t wait for audiences to be able to see this film in theaters worldwide next year.” 

Meanwhile, there is no indication that the movie will address the controversies over the pop star’s abuse of children. The film’s producers, John Branca and John McClain, who manage Michael Jackson’s estate, may produce the film, which could affect how it addresses the allegations of child sexual abuse against the singer, according to media reports. Unknown to most, Jackson was found not guilty after denials of child sexual assault charges were heard in court.

Therefore, we can expect this incredible cinematic adventure to reveal the person behind the breathtaking music, the legendary figure known for iconic dance moves, and the captivating story that has fascinated the world for decades.

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