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ao smith hot and cold water purifier

When it comes to the kitchen, it must be a place that the family loves and hates. Due to the small size of the kitchen in most families, it is not only the birthplace of “delicious food” for three meals a day, but also a “model room” that is disorganized and filthy. Even those cooks/cooks who enjoy the “smell of fireworks in the world” often sigh about this, as the so-called “10 minutes to cook, one hour to clean up.” For cramped space, it is natural to make efficient use of it, especially the core kitchen The choice of electricity becomes more and more important, and it is best to be able to “serve more than one stone with one stone”. Anyone who cooks knows that “water” is the root of everything, whether it’s washing vegetables, washing rice, cooking porridge, and making soup… everything is inseparable from clean water, even warm water. With the deterioration of groundwater quality, more and more families have installed water purifiers from the perspective of safety. The water is clean, but it is still troublesome to boil hot water. Small spaces are even more embarrassing.

AO Smith Z1 Hot+ normal UV| UV+ UF ( Ultra Violet+ Ultra Fine), Suitable for Municipal Water, TDS below 200| 10L storage| Wall mount Water Purifier for home

  If you are worried about this, you might as well try the “kitchen artifact” launched by home appliance giant AO Smith — “one-click ready-to-drink” hot and cold water purifier under the cabinet. It can not only provide high-quality, safe and sufficient kitchen water, but also boil purified water immediately, skipping the tedious steps of collecting water, boiling water, filling water, and waiting for the water to cool, realizing “freedom of healthy drinking water for families”. “.

AO Smith Z9 Hot+ normal RO |10 L|100%RO+SCMT(Silver Charged Membrane Tech.)|Mineraliser Tech.| Water saving| suitable for more than 200 TDS | Wall mount Water Purifier| Touch dispensing

  For the home appliance industry, who can use modern technology to make living habits with Chinese characteristics more convenient and better passed down in modern society, who is a manufacturer who understands China. Now, more and more families prefer to install a reverse osmosis water purifier to “drink” to protect the drinking water safety of the whole family. However, many water purifiers on the market do not have the function of boiling purified water. In order to drink clean and safe The boiling water of the water purifier also needs to be collected from the tap of the water purifier, boiled, irrigated, etc. The water is cool… At present, the “lazy” tide is prevalent, and the lazy economy has become a new consumption trend in all walks of life. The water purifier must meet the The unique demand of Chinese people to drink “boiled water” also requires innovation and change.

When it comes to boiling water, many people still worry about the existence of “thousands of boiling water”. This black technology product integrates purification and heating, and relies on the unique “empty gallbladder replenishment” function to achieve a one-time boil to boiling, allowing users to stay away from thousands of boiling water and drink boiled water with confidence.

It can produce clean water and hot water, which not only meets the usual drinking water needs, but also has a large flow of hot water of 1.8L per minute. big again. The patented high-end temperature control faucet can intelligently control and set three different temperatures for boiling water, “98 degrees Celsius, 90 degrees Celsius, and 80 degrees Celsius”, to meet the needs of users for boiling water at 98 degrees Celsius for black tea, 90 degrees Celsius for coffee, and 80 degrees Celsius for green tea. Even staying up late at night to work, watch dramas, play games, and make a cup of noodles at any time can be done with one click, providing users with more convenience for drinking water.

What cannot be ignored is that this black technology product is still an excellent water purifier. It is equipped with AO Smith’s core patent MAX3.0 reverse osmosis filter element, which can filter out viruses, heavy metals and antibiotics for 3 years, and the water quality is excellent and long-term safe. It is installed under the cabinet in the kitchen scene, so that the kettle, thermos, cold water cup and other equipment completely disappear from the countertop. No need to boil water, not only frees the hands of lazy people, but also frees up the countertop space of a common type of small kitchen, and the countertop is clean and tidy.

  Many foreign friends who have lived in China for a long time have to praise “China’s boiling water is amazing”. If the thermos has realized the freedom and convenience of boiling water, then this artifact has realized the control and domination of the “boiling water” life. . Just imagine, when you look at the messy kitchen countertops that are no longer big pots and small pots, a clean and comfortable mood arises spontaneously, and cooking has since become a rare enjoyment and relaxation.

* For effective filtration of heavy metals in water, please refer to the official product details page; AO Smith’s patented reverse osmosis membrane can effectively filter out MS2 phage virus data from SGS test report SHAFNG131207317C-S1

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