Apple is reportedly ditching the iPhone Pro Max moniker this year in favour of ‘Ultra’

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  • The name change may only apply to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with its smaller sibling likely to be known as the iPhone 15 Pro
  • Apple will officially reveal four new iPhone 15 models on September 12, 2023
  • This report also sheds some light on the other hardware attributes of the new iPhone 15 Ultra

The Apple iPhone 15 is less than a month away, based on the rumoured September 12 unveiling date. As we countdown to the phone’s arrival, AppleInsider’s Andrew O’Hara has shared some exciting information about the upcoming smartphones, specifically the two premium models.

Per O’Hara, Apple will launch the iPhone 15 Pro Max as the iPhone 15 Ultra, while the iPhone 15 Pro will retain its name from its predecessors. Moreover, the source believes that both the iPhone 15 Pro and the Ultra models will include a titanium frame as well as the often rumoured Action button in place of the conventional mute switch.

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The Ultra name was rumoured pretty early on for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but subsequent reporting indicated that Apple may stick with the Pro Max branding. But O’Hara’s reporting suggests that Apple may have had a change of heart in this regard.

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra rumoured specifications

O’Hara’s detailed thread on X also talks about the existence of a larger screen on the iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra, in addition to the periscope telephoto camera. This sensor could support up to 10x zoom, per initial reports.

The 3nm A17 Bionic chipset is also being mentioned by O’Hara, an aspect that’s echoed by past leaks. Barring these hardware changes, the iPhone 15 Ultra will also include a USB-C port, with the base models and the iPhone 15 Pro also picking up this connectivity port at long last. Considering Apple’s history with Pro Max models, we may also be looking at a larger battery compared to the iPhone 15 Pro.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned Action button could be exclusive to the premium iPhone 15 models this year. Rumours say Apple could offer more customisation options with the new Action button than we saw with the Apple Watch Ultra. Some of the commonly accessible features/shortcuts from this hardware key should include the camera, notes, flashlight, accessibility options, and others.

Source: Andrew O’Hara – X

Via: 91Mobiles

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