Haier MetaLusture Series of Convertible Refrigerators launched in India: Check features, price and availability

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  • Haier has unveiled the MetaLusture series of convertible refrigerators in India
  • The series features stabiliser-free operation, safeguarding it from voltage fluctuations
  • The refrigerators also come features such as Turbo Icing, Twin Energy Saving mode and more

Haier’s MetaLustre series comprises of frost-free convertible refrigerators, allowing the freezer section to be converted into a regular compartment as needed. The brand offers a range of storage capacities, including Top Mount (240 Litres), Bottom Mount (237 Litres), Big Top Mount (328 Litres), and Big Bottom Mount (325 Litres). Let us take a closer look at the features, prices and availability of the newly launched refrigerators.

Haier MetaLusture Series Refrigerators: Features

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The new Haier refrigerators feature toughened glass panels as storage platforms. In the MetaLustre series, the convertible feature allows the freezer to transform into additional fridge space, and each section’s temperature can be independently regulated. This includes versatile options ranging from 5-in-1 to 14-in-1 convertible features.

The series boasts stabiliser-free operation,  which claims to safeguard the machines from voltage fluctuations. This not only ensures durability but also eliminates the need for users to use an external stabiliser, providing added convenience. 

The Top Mount and Big Top Mount models minimise the need for bending during daily operations and offer additional storage space. These models also feature a Turbo Icing function, which claims to significantly reduce the time required to convert water into ice.

The Big Top Mount and Big Bottom Mount models are equipped with Triple Inverter and Dual Fan technology, enhancing cooling efficiency through multiple inlets in the refrigerator. These models also feature a Twin Energy Saving mode to reduce power consumption. 

On the other hand, Bottom Mount models are equipped with a 1-Hour Icing feature. These models also include a Twin Energy Saving mode to minimise power consumption. The company offers a 2-year warranty on the device and a 10-year warranty on the compressor.

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Haier MetaLusture Series Refrigerators: Price and Availability 

The MetaLustre series refrigerators are available in three color variants: Green Inox, Storm Inox, and GE Black. These machines can be purchased on Haier’s website, Flipkart, Amazon, and partner retail stores across India. The pricing for the models is as follows:

Category Model Colour Price
Top Mounted HRF-2902BGI-P Green Inox Rs 35,490
Top Mounted HRF-2902BGB-P GE Black Rs 35,490
Bottom Mounted HRB-2872BSI-P Strom Inox Rs 36,490
Bottom Mounted HRB-2872BGB-P GE Black Rs 36,490
Big Top Mounted HRF-3782BGI-P Green Inox Rs 49,990
Big Top Mounted HRF-3782BGB-P GE Black Rs 49,990
Big Bottom Mounted HRF-3752BSI-P Storm Inox Rs 53,990
Big Bottom Mounted HRF-3752BGB-P GE Black Rs 53,990

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