Top 10 Most Anticipated TV shows releasing in December 2023: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Pokemon Concierge, and more

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As we approach the end of the year, the month of December is set to bring some interesting TV shows to keep you entertained. Whether you like some fiction, reality TV shows, award shows, or even Science, this month has you covered. To help you enter your hibernation phase and enjoy your well-earned relaxation time after a long year, we are here to help you choose the best TV shows you will be able to watch in December. So sit back, relax, and check out the most anticipated TV shows that will be releasing in December 2023.

Top 10 Most Anticipated TV shows releasing in December 2023

Title Premiere Date  Platform Attention Scale Attention Signals
Percy Jackson and the Olympians  12/20/23  Disney+  100.00%  142,218,078
Yu Yu Hakusho  12/14/23  Netflix  5.30%  7,537,696
Pokemon Concierge  12/28/23  Netflix  4.02%  5,714,550
Big Brother: Reindeer Games  12/11/23  CBS  0.26%  373,165
Geddy Lee Asks: Are Bass Players Human Too?  12/5/23  Paramount+  0.15%  217,847
Science Fair: The Series  12/10/23  Disney+, National    Geographic Channel  0.08%  110,456
CMA Country Christmas 2023  12/14/23  ABC  0.07%  101,950
My Life with the Walter Boys  12/7/23  Netflix  0.06%  88,599
50th Daytime Emmy Awards  12/15/23  CBS  0.06%  86,572
Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration  12/17/23  CBS  0.05%  76,083

As per the data (shared in the table above) shared by Diesel Labs, a content intelligence company that provides data solutions for emerging generative AI technologies and business intelligence tools across the media & entertainment landscape, the most anticipated TV show this month is going to be Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which will premiere on Disney+ on December 20th. As you can see from the table above, the difference in anticipation for this show and the rest of the shows on this list is quite drastic.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The series will follow Percy Jackson, a 12-year-old boy who discovers that he is a demigod, the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. Percy travels to Camp Half-Blood, a training ground for demigods, where he will learn to control his powers and prevent the destruction of the world.

Director Rick Riordan, Jonathan E. Steinberg
Release date December 20th
Cast Walker Scobell, Leah Jeffries, Aryan Simhadri

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho is a highly anticipated live-action adaptation of the popular anime and manga series of the same name. The series is set to premiere on Netflix on December 14, 2023, and will follow the story of Yusuke Urameshi, a delinquent teenager who dies in a car accident but is given a second chance at life as a Spirit Detective. In this new role, Yusuke must work for Koenma, the ruler of the Spirit World, to investigate and solve supernatural crimes.

Director Shô Tsukikawa
Release date December 14th
Cast Takumi Kitamura, Jun Shison, Kanata Hongô

Pokemon Concierge

Pokémon Concierge is a new stop-motion animated series created as a collaborative production between Pokémon and Netflix. The series follows Haru, a new concierge at the Pokémon Resort, a luxurious tropical getaway where Pokémon can relax and have fun. Haru works alongside Psyduck, her loyal and sometimes mischievous partner, to assist the Pokémon guests and ensure they have an unforgettable vacation.

Director Iku Ogawa
Release date December 28th

Karen Fukuhara, Josh Keaton, Imani Hakim

Big Brother: Reindeer Games

Big Brother: Reindeer Games is an upcoming reality television spin-off of the American version of Big Brother. The series is set to premiere on CBS on December 11, 2023, and will be hosted by former Big Brother HouseGuests Derek Xiao, Tiffany Mitchell, and Jordan Lloyd. The series will feature nine former HouseGuests competing against each other in a series of holiday-themed challenges.

Producers Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan
Release date December 11th
Cast Jordan Lloyd, Tiffany Mitchell, Derek Xiao

Geddy Lee Asks: Are Bass Players Human Too?

Geddy Lee Asks: Are Bass Players Human Too? is a new music documentary series hosted by Rush bassist Geddy Lee. The series explores the world of bass guitar, and features interviews with some of the most renowned bass players in the world. Lee travels to the homes of these bass legends and dives deep into their stories, both on and off stage.

Director Sam Dunn
Release date December 5th
Cast Geddy Lee

Science Fair: The Series

Science Fair: The Series is an upcoming docuseries that follows the journeys of some of the brightest young minds in science as they compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), the world’s largest pre-college science competition.

Director Cristina Costantini, Darren Foster
Release date December 10th

CMA Country Christmas 2023

The 14th annual CMA Country Christmas special, hosted by Amy Grant and Trisha Yearwood, will feature the performances by some of today’s biggest Country Music stars, including Jordan Davis, Lady A, Ashley McBryde, Jon Pardi, Lindsey Stirling, The War And Treaty, Zach Williams, Lainey Wilson, and more. The special will be filmed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, and will feature a mix of traditional and contemporary Christmas songs. The hosts, Amy Grant and Trisha Yearwood, will also duet on a special performance.

Director Paul Miller
Release date December 14th
Cast Takumi Kitamura, Jun Shison, Kanata Hongô

My Life with the Walter Boys

My Life with the Walter Boys is an upcoming heartwarming coming-of-age story that follows 15-year-old Manhattanite Jackie after losing her family in a tragic accident. Jackie relocates to rural Colorado after her devastating tragedy to live with the Walters, a family of ten sons. Jackie must adjust to her new life in the country and navigate the challenges of living with a large family.

Creator Melanie Halsall
Release date December 7th
Cast Nikki Rodriguez, Sarah Rafferty, Marc Blucas

50th Daytime Emmy Awards

The 50th Daytime Emmy Awards, presented by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), will honor the best in U.S. daytime television programming in 2022. The award ceremony was originally scheduled to be held on June 16, 2023, at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, but was postponed to December 15, 2023, due to the 2023 Hollywood labor disputes. The ceremony will now take place at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California.

Host Kevin Franzier, Susan Lucci
Release date December 15th

Willie Nelson’s 90th Birthday Celebration

Willie Nelson, the iconic country music singer-songwriter, celebrated his 90th birthday with a two-night star-studded event at the Hollywood Bowl on April 29 and 30, 2023. The event, titled ‘Long Story Short: Willie 90’, featured performances by over 50 artists, including some of the biggest names in country music.

Director Gregg Gelfand
Release date December 17th
Cast Rosanne Cash, The Chicks, Gary Clark Jr., Sheryl Crow, Jennifer Garner, Woody Harrelson, Ethan Hawke

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